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Christmas Glassics: Saturday with the Spark

Creative thinking and activity, ahoy! Today’s Glassics post features all the artsy posts I’ve done on Crooked Glasses since July 2011, from writing to papercrafting, music to drawing. You can also view my first Saturday with the Spark Glassics post for the creative posts I did before July.

Sparking Creativity

I’ve written a good bit about tapping into one’s own creativity. Using dreams to inspire yourself is one way; I’ve also used Play-Doh as an analogy for creativity (sounds funny, but it worked out well!). I want to encourage people to stop thinking they’re not good enough to be artists, allowing themselves to use things in their everyday lives to jump-start creative thinking.

Philosophies of Art

The big philosophical question I pondered this season was: “Is art for entertainment or for meaning?” This is one of the deepest-thinking posts I’ve written in this entire category so far, and I think it gets to the salient point of why we create art at all, as humans.


Knowing a good bit about the craft of writing (and doing my best to practice it and get better), I have blogged about practicing your writing skills every way you can, as well as inspiring yourself by finding a topic you love to write about. I also covered how to deal when writing feels like punishment, when it feels like your brain has locked up on you and won’t produce a single syllable more.

And, since I’m practicing my noveling craft (is that a word? Wellp, it is now), I’ve written a few articles as helpful advice for myself and other novelists. Wading through a tough/boring part of my book by experiencing what I’m trying to write has really helped me get back on the writing horse; my post about expanding the world inside my book made me remember to go back and add more details to my own works.


Along with my thoughts on beautiful beaded jewelry designs, I began a series of papercrafting posts this season, as well: making greeting cards and gift tags, and learning the skills of ornare, quilling, and origami. I plan to expand this sub-category a good bit in the new year!

Visual Art

I’m not much of a visual artist, but I have written a few posts this time around about art. I did one that shows how to shade your artwork for a more 3-D look, and I also depicted my own versions of digital cut-and-paste art. (Might not be the best in the world, but it’s fun to do!)


Since I’m a longtime pianist, composer, and singer, this category understandably exploded with posts on music this fall and winter. I wrote about how singing in choir saved my life, trying to write a “catchy fast song”, and musical exploration with just a keyboard. My great love for the key of C-sharp also peeped in this fall, as well as my affinity for making my own movie soundtracks (it’s not as laden with mad leet skills as it sounds, but it’s still quite fun). Lastly, I discussed my peculiar ability to find the musical note that matches someone’s personality, and even write songs about them.

Get Comfy, Read, and Be Inspired!

I hope these posts get you thinking about the types of creative work you’d like to do; I hope they also expose you to different creative thoughts and activities that you might like to explore more. They’ve certainly helped me explore the various reaches of my own creative thought, and even gotten me to try my hand at art techniques I never would have explored otherwise. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Christmas Glassics: Thursday in the Zone

Today’s Christmas Glassics focuses on the gaming posts I’ve done since July 2011, when I compiled my first Glassics post from this category. Browse this list and see what catches your eye–I literally write about ANYTHING gaming-related, even the littlest Flash game.

General Gaming and Strategy Articles

In this category, I covered basic helpful gaming topics like organizing your collection of gaming stuff, why casual gaming is still valuable. I also spoke about various strategies and playstyles, like spider strategy, high-defense playstyles, and one-track-mind gaming.

Internet Games

Some of my favorite Internet games appeared in my Thursday in the Zone category this time around: Kaboom! (quick reflexes required), Swan Lake Dressup (all ballet costumes), Loops of Zen (like curvy Tetris), and Bride Hair Dresser (easily one of the best “hairdressing” games I’ve ever played).

Console & PC Games

City of Heroes
I covered Empowerment Buffs and how to cope with playing a low-level character this fall and winter, delving into deeper issues that CoH players deal with on a regular basis. This sort of article is directed toward both new players and veteran players alike–they are accessible and yet informative.

Console Games
Pikmin and We Love Katamari, as favorite console games of mine, made it onto my blog for a fresh topic change, after all the more theoretical gaming-related posts I did. I couldn’t leave my favorite offline games out of this blog for long!

Collectible/Tabletop Games

Magic: the Gathering
Articles on building the right mana base, poison counters, and “porting” in a strategy type from another card game appeared this fall and winter. In my example, I switched an old Yu-Gi-Oh! strategy into Magic, in a three-part blog series: figuring out what parts of your strategy can be imported, searching for matching cards, and proxying cards to test strategies. (I still need to actually BUILD this deck, but that will come in time. IRL stuff gets in the way too much.)

My new take on the old Green Lantern Tank strategy was the only HeroClix article I wrote this time around. Methinks I should fix that in the new year. πŸ™‚

Resident Evil: Deck Building Game
I wrote a bit more about the Resident Evil deck building game this fall and winter, since my boyfriend and I spend a good amount of time playing it these days. Item Management was a target for thought-provoking argument, and I also reviewed the Outbreak expansion.

Philosophies/Opinions on Gaming

Turning my insight on my own gaming and my own habits, I wrote more thoughtful pieces on why humans game, what gaming teaches us, and when gaming becomes less fun than it used to be.

Power On

I hope reading these articles will help you get inspired to get back to your own gaming this holiday season, if you have the time to devote to it. It’s fun to feel like a kid again, even if it’s only for 5 minutes…or 90… πŸ˜‰

Christmas Glassics: Wednesday in the Word

Today’s Glassics post focuses on the Biblical interpretations I do every Wednesday. Since the production of my first Wednesday in the Word Glassics post, I have selected verses discussing living as a Christian, the nature of God, and even the difficulties that all Christians face.

Christian Living

As Christians, we do have to learn to lead with God first, being the type of Godly leader that others can truly trust in and depend on. We have to learn how to depend on God’s security, trust God in risky situations, be gracious rather than vindictive, and be proactive rather than passive Christians.

Our constant prayer should remind us of how we still sin and still have difficulty following what God has said.

The Nature of God

Though no human can truly comprehend the full being of God, we know a lot about His nature by what His Word says. God brings justice to our lives, as well as salvation, unconditional love, and renewal; Jesus’ sacrifice makes us clean in God’s sight.

God does have to remind us sometimes Who’s in charge, even speaking straight to us sometimes. No matter what, though, He is there, and He has done all He can to reconnect with us.

Non-Christian Living

If we call ourselves Christians, that’s one thing. If we are truly trying to live as Christians, it’s quite another matter. We deal with wondering if God is even there, as well as people who pretend to be pious; we worry a whole lot about getting our due of worldly ideas, objects, and praise, and whether our good works will save us. These worries and fears are discussed and dealt with in the Bible, which is one reason I chose them to write about–they are still prevalent today, and our concerns now aren’t very different from those whom the Bible describes.

Our worries and fears hold us back, as do our sufferings that lead to humility. We stress about the times when we try to witness to others and fail, or fail to keep a commitment to the church like we think we should. (Sometimes, we even have questions for God about what is going to happen.)

We cannot forget that these frailties are normal, and thousands of people before us have suffered them. What is important is that we keep trusting God while we struggle with our frailty, and not give up because we didn’t worship perfectly.

Read, Think, and Comment

I invite you to read these weekly interpretations and think about them, understand them according to your own worldview. I am no preacher and I do not seek to convert; rather, I challenge myself weekly to understand more and more of the Bible, so that I can be more informed and more able to lead if ever called upon. By reading these, I hope you gain a little bit of insight into what makes up Christianity, and what the belief system stands for.

Christmas Glassics: Tuesday on the Soapbox

Today, I’ll review the social commentary and philosophy posts I’ve made on Crooked Glasses since July 2011. I’ve written about a wide variety of topics this fall and winter, so there is much to read–but it won’t be a textbook, I promise!

If you’re interested in seeing more posts from this category, my first Tuesday on the Soapbox Glassics post can be found here.

The Lighthearted Writing

Laughable life anecdotes, favorite fashion/hairstyle and beauty product preferences, and not being afraid to say “Woot!” have graced this category over the last few months.

I’ve also written about taking just 5 minutes to relax, enjoying perfect little moments and favorite times of day. Other humorous articles include learning how to drive like a ninja, the strange “cage shoe” fad, and hilarious typo/autocorrect fails.

Srs Bsns (Serious Business): Eye-Opening Articles

I’ve literally covered a lot of mental ground this fall and winter…everything from the pathetic lack of empathy in today’s society to the difficulty of forgiveness.

Personal anecdotes (perhaps a little tirade-ish) dot this category a little more heavily; I wrote a good bit about my beefs with forgotten spelling, modern TV shows’ quality, and politicians talking over each other without listening. I also spoke about my frustrations with handicapped parking being taken by non-handicapped people, still living on dialup internet, getting healthy without emotional support, and the physical pain I endure daily.

Combining anecdote with universal insight, I have also written articles on living without a laptop, epic math hatred, feeling alien to this society, missing the company of furry friends, and dealing with mental clutter.

Dive In Anywhere–The Reading’s Fine

Though I do not claim to be an accomplished commentator, I know that I can at least put forth an opinion decently. My hope is that you gain something positive from these articles, even if they are more solemn than LOL-inducing.

Christmas Glassics: Monday in the HTMLab

As we all rush to complete after-Christmas sales and recover from the holidays, here’s a review of the web design posts I’ve done since early July 2011–taken together, this is the Winter 2011 edition of “Glassics”, or “Crooked Glasses Classics.” At a glance, you can see many of the older posts I’ve done; if you missed one, it’s linked here!

The reason I’m doing this is because I want to let people know about some of the older posts, as well as aggregate a lot of the content together for people to peruse more easily. (I’m also recovering from the holidays, but that’s another story. πŸ˜› )

And don’t forget, if you’re interested in web design posts before July 2011, my first Glassics post covers those. πŸ™‚

Graphically Speaking: Visual Web Design Posts

Since July, I’ve done articles on the importance of choosing the right color schemes, wondering where web animations got to, the web trend of using more visuals than text, and styling your links. I also compiled a list of my top 10 web design pet peeves, as much to remind myself not to offend my own style as anything. πŸ˜›

Other of my posts, covering the use of position: fixed and CSS shadows, have appeared here, as well, alongside a historical tutorial on 1×1 pixel transparent images, called “shims”. And as part of my “teaching by analogy” style of writing posts, I also did posts on dressing your page like you’re putting together an outfit and using music to inspire layout designs.

The “Backend”: Web Development

This time around, in terms of web development topics, I took time to discuss debugging your site, using RSS feeds, making sitemaps, and when to use WordPress Pages versus WordPress Posts. I also looked at how to organize one’s digital content on a larger website, and how to make web pages load faster.

Webmastering Tricks from the Trial-and-Error Brigade

Based on my own hard-won knowledge and interaction with the web design trade over the last several years, I came up with articles about why it’s the length, not number, of hits that really matter, link-hopping to find affiliates, and why it’s important to back up all your site files.

Other tricks I discussed: affiliating with other like sites to help get traffic to your site, and using web trends to help inform and inspire your own designs.

Creating Content to Make Your Site Worthwhile

For this Glassics review, I wrote about researching your articles and blog posts to make them worth reading, why a multi-topic blog can work, and how to write an informative and professional “About Me” page.

Read and Enjoy!

I hope you’ll take time to look through these older articles and enjoy them–maybe even gain a bit of knowledge about web design on the way, too. I’d be glad to hear from you about how these articles have helped, or if you have a suggestion to make these posts even better.

Glassics: Saturday with the Spark

This is a complete topic review of all the posts in the category Saturday with the Spark. Looks like I need to do more drawing/art-related posts, as well as general creativity and crafting posts! But don’t worry, I’ll get to it all. πŸ™‚


Sight-Reading Fail
Seeing and Feeling Music
Perfect Pitch
Melodies from Dreams
Joining My Voice with Others
There’s a Reason the Piano is Called a Percussion Instrument
Phases of Songcraft
Confront the Giant in Song
Studying the Songcraft of Others


Novel Therapy
Poems: Kernels of Art
Writing as a Pressure Valve
A Twist in the Web: Complex Subplots in Simple Storylines
Awake in the Middle of the Night? Write!
The Enemy of Creativity: Self-Censorship
Coming Up with “Novel” Ideas
Journals in Verse: My Personal Poetry
The Impromptu Writers’ Club
Connotation: The Search for the Right Synonym


Happy Little (Sketched) Tree
Little Doodles of Life


Getting All Beaded Up

General Creativity

A Fickle Playmate: My Muse

Glassics: Friday Around the Web

Not really a topic review today, since the Friday Around the Web posts are four random links apiece–one thought-provoking, one game/media, one funny, and one internet tool. πŸ™‚ I’ll keep on keepin’ on, since I enjoy finding cool stuff around the Internet every week!

Tools for Teachers, Jedi Trainer, Sleeping Cat, and the Day You Were Born
Kids’ Inventions, Eyeball, How to write a paper, and Birth Year Info
Poetry, Sound Matrix, Procrastination is Fun, and Grooveshark
Celebs With Mental Issues, Dots, Paper Pop-Ups, and Help for Packing
Random Dancing, Video Game Irony, Switcheroo, and Do Nothing for 2 Minutes
Philosophers, Shuffle, Lamp vs. Chair, and Barcode Art
Dance to Get Smarter, PacXon, A Haiku, and ArtPad
Poetry, Street Fighter II, Bubble Sheet Prank, and PortableApps
World Wonders, Knoword, My Daily Life, and Their Circular Life
Untranslations, Flying Puzzle, Paraprosdokians, and FlashFace
Facts About the Body, Air Typer, Strange Carolers, and Virtual Flowers
Philosophy Encyclopedia, Great Gatsby Game, Surprise Raisins, and Desktop Wallpapers
Image Quote, Youda Survivor, Four Singing Horses, and Web Software
Earth in Real Time, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Self-Actualization, and Getting Phit
Broad Philosophy, FlyGuy, Silly Warning Sign, and How to make a Flash video
PhilosopherTypes, Back to the Future, More Dinosaur Theory, and Unit Conversion
Snowbells, Smart Fridges, A Style Game, and Psychology
Destressing, Pattern Maker, Dinosaur Theory, and I Can’t Find My Phone
Code of Conduct, StarDust, True Facts, and The Idea Swap
What to Read Next, Creative Desktops, Life as We Experience It, and How to Treat Others
Contact Number Posters, Solipskier, Octopi, and Cl1p.net
Rare Books, Drums, ASCII, and Being Kinda Productive
Image Poetry, Cute Gastly, Back in the 90s, and JustPaste.it

Glassics: Thursday in the Zone

This is a complete topic review of all the posts in the Thursday in the Zone category. Hmm…I need to write more about multiplayer games and general gaming, it looks like. πŸ™‚

General Gaming

Competitive or Casual?
Game Tactics: Are You Proactive or Reactive?

City of Heroes

City of Heroes
The Slow, Agonizing Death of AE Missions
Stress Test: Being the Healer
Building a Better Team Support Toon, part 1
Building a Better Team Support Toon, part 2

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering
The Art of the Expensive Combo
Competitive Magic is for Plagiarists
Life-Gain: It’s Not Just a Stall Tactic Anymore!


Building with Wildcards
Bad Dice! Bad!
How Robin’s Getting Her (HeroClix) Groove Back
You Hurt Me, I Hurt You: The Mystics Team Ability

Internet Games

Castle Wars
Onslaught 2: Tower Defense
Dice Wars

Multiplayer Games

Resident Evil Deck Building Game
Resident Evil: Alliance

Glassics: Wednesday in the Word

This is a complete topic review of all the posts in the Wednesday in the Word category. I see by this list I need to add a few more posts about what God does for us–because He does quite a bit for us every day. He certainly protects this fool several times a day!

The Nature of God

Don’t Forget, God’s in Control
No One is a Foreigner to God
God Is Omniscient, Yet Close By
God Is, Has Always Been, and Always Will Be
The Law Ain’t Changed None!

What God Does for Us

God Blesses Us in His Time
God Brings Us Victory
God’s Still Working With You!
We Complain, God Provides

Christian Living

Encourage and Empower Others in Faith
Don’t Fear to Talk About God
Help All, Not Just Some
Believe in God’s Power
Seek Out Ways to Revive Your Faith
Submission Is Not Docile Silence
Don’t Get Desperate, Trust God
Be Ready to Share Your Experience of God
Do Everything for God’s Glory
When and How Do We Cry to the Lord?
What Do We Offer God These Days?

Non-Christian Living

What Do We Worship in Place of God?
What Do We Allow to Drag Us Away from God?
Sometimes, We DO Have Other Gods

Glassics: Tuesday on the Soapbox

This is a complete topic review of all the posts I’ve done in the Tuesday on the Soapbox category to date. I plan to write more fashion and humor posts in this category, since there’s only one of each so far! πŸ™‚

Social Commentary

Why do people have to die for social problems to be taken seriously?
Respect Your Teachers
Respect Retail Workers
Politics: Remember “United We Stand, Divided We Fall?”
Leveling Up in Life
Virginity in the Modern World
Texting and Driving
Think Before You Type

Thoughtful Contemplations

Love Transforms Us
Momentary Meditations
Rediscovering the Library
Warmer Temps, Warmer Mood
While the World Sleeps: The Middle of the Night
Sheltering Branches

Physical Concerns

Exercise: Not My Idea of Fun
Pain has changed my personality.
Zumba: Yes, it IS a Workout


Fashion for Big Women


Bathroom Epiphanies


Depression: Not Dirty Laundry
Five Real Social Coping Strategies
Loneliness, the Bane