This is What Happens to Robin without a Pet

I’ve had pets most of my life, from cats to dogs, from turtles (Mr. Koopa 😛 ) to rabbits (Mr. and Mrs. Bunny). Both my mom and me are animal-lovers. (I regularly swerve out of the way of animals in the road, and have been known to weep if I can’t swerve out of the way in time.) I also like to cuddle and pet animals…but the pet store is an exercise in both fun and masochism. I love them, but I have to leave them all there. ;_;

I Apparently Cannot Haz (Living) Petz

Why do I have to leave pets at the store? Unfortunately, we live in the middle of a big forest which is simultaneously a little too close to the roadway–most of our pet animals end up navigating straight into traffic and being killed. We also suspect that other people nearby may have ended up accidentally “adopting” our pets, since many of “our” animals were half-wild and we could never catch them to put collars on them. Not to mention that the pound has likely been called by to pick up “strays” that might not be stray.

The dangers from humans isn’t the only danger to our pets. Wild animals, like raccoons and feral dogs, have killed many of our smaller animals (poor Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, and all the little kittens that have disappeared over the years… :C ). Heck, even some of our own pets have fought or preyed on each other–two of our otherwise nice dogs absolutely loved killing and eating many of the kittens that were born on the place during their lifetimes. (Is it any wonder I’m a cat person?)

After the disappearance of my last cat, Stacy, and her unnamed kitten, I have been loath to get another pet; my mom feels the same way since our last dog, Big Sam, was hit and killed in the road. As horrible luck as we’ve had keeping pets over the years, it just doesn’t seem right to subject another pet to that, or to get attached to yet another pet that will just get killed or disappear.

The Great Indoors Ain’t All That Great, Either

And if you’re wondering why we just don’t keep them indoors, it’s not because we don’t love them, but because indoor animals are just not an option right now, due to ill health. Keeping a pet inside is more responsibility than any of my family can handle right now with all the health problems Mom and Dad and I all have. Ill health has also led to lots of human junk and mess scattered about our house (you don’t move home six times from college without junk accumulating everywhere). This would not be a healthy or safe environment for a pet. And since outside is just as unsafe for pets as inside, it pretty much means no pets for us.

;_; I Miss Fuzzy Furry Friends…

But knowing all this doesn’t stop me from missing the company of a little animal (most especially a kitty). There’s just something about having a pet around the place…it’s comforting to know that I can go outside and just relax while petting a sweet kitty or doggie. Without animals around the place, I get nervous when I hear nighttime sounds around the house (it ain’t my animal making that eerie crying noise, so what is it?)

Knowing that pets help reduce blood pressure and stress, and knowing that I find myself stressed out more than usual these days, makes me know I could likely use a pet of my own at some point. Till then, I’ll content myself with keeping my boyfriend’s family pets entertained…after all, throwing a ball for a severely ADHD Dachshund does have its perks. XD

3 thoughts on “This is What Happens to Robin without a Pet”

  1. Oh man, I really hear you on this one. To me, a home is not a home without at least one pet there (preferably many…maaany many more). It’s so sad to hear that you have had so many pets die. Isn’t that emotional for you? To think of how deeply I bond with my animals, and the thought of the disappearing or being killed–that would really traumatize me.

    At least you have someone ELSE’s pet you can mooch off of. xD You can be there for all the fun times, but you don’t havta spend a nickel, or clean up the poop, or wake early for walks. ^0^

    Also, it’s very therapeutic–just stroking the soft fur of a pet. ^_^ <3

  2. Most definitely, the loss of many of my pets over the years has been very sad for me. But living where we do, living as we do, seems to preclude their survival (it doesn’t help that drivers along our stretch of road drive like they’re on the Autobahn, and that most of our animals have been ignorant enough to blunder into the road -_-).

    You’re right, though, that playing with someone else’s pets lets me enjoy them without having to clean up after them–must be what being an aunt or uncle is like. LOL

  3. If your house is where I remember it being, you’re fairly close to me (I’m off College Farm these days) and I have plenty of kitties and puppies you can come love on! In fact, my foster dog, Minnie, is practically on top of my keyboard right now.

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