Visualizing Emotions, Hysterical Roommate Notes, Kid Playing Weird Instrument, and

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How Do People Visualize Emotions Happening in Their Bodies?
From a study of many people, these drawings were generated as an average of their responses. Look at how many people experience anger coming from their heads, joy and love from the heart, fear from the stomach, and sadness in all these areas at once! (scroll horizontally to see all pictures)

20 Hysterical (and Hilarious) Roommate Notes
I think we’ve all left notes for our roommates like these…though the last picture about “doing the dishes” takes a VERY unique 3D approach. xD (some language)

Kid Plays Recognizable Songs on Weird Instrument
Watch this kid play this crazy musical instrument, somewhere between a drum set and a xylophone, banging out all sorts of familiar tunes (annotated at the bottom of the video as it plays)!
Make your own usable QR codes with this tool! Just type in text, a URL, a phone number, etc. and watch the magic happen!

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Repressed Memories, Creepy Wikipedia Articles, Weird/Awesome Pics, and DIY Pore Strips

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The Reality of Repressed Memories
An in-depth study of repressed memories (memories which allegedly arise suddenly after years of being stuffed away in your brain). Are these real memories, or are they merely created with the help of therapists/psychiatrists? Long read, but very balanced, with lots of points of view brought in.

136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles
Articles about the Roanoke Colony, Alien Hand Syndrome, the Lost Dutchman’s Mine, Shadow People, and more.

20 Truly Weird but Awesome Photos
A giant dog, corn that looks like colored glass, a random head sculpture of Eddie Murphy being driven around, a real “Cloud City” in Dubai, and more!

How To: Pore Strips
Make your own pore strips (like the Biore kind) for very cheap!

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Redo: Self-Actualization, Phit, Rock-Paper-Scissors Comic, and Earth in Real Time

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I worked over and polished up this oldie goldie links post for today–now with a little less rambling and joke-spoiling, LOL. Click, browse, and enjoy!

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How to Be Alone, Weird Media Theories, Turning Lady, and PhobiaList

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How to Be Alone
VERY thought-provoking video. Do any of us really understand how to be alone, or do we simply spend our alone time trying to mentally escape being in the same room with ourselves? (I’m definitely one of the latter group…)

Exit Stage Right End of Set (Pics)
Thoughts on fictional media, including the Rugrats theory (that it’s all in Angelica’s head), viewing Super Mario Bros. 3 as a play and not really a game, and several others.

Which Way is the Lady Turning? (GIF)
I swear this GIF thing reverses back and forth! Sat here and watched it long enough…
Ever heard of spheksophobia? It’s the fear of wasps (which I have), just one of the many phobias on this fairly comprehensive list.

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Logic Problems, How to Survive Early Work Shift, Sugar Sugar Game, and Flash Games for Kids

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Difficult Logic Problems
REALLY hard logic problems…all of these make my non-logic brain hurttttt. Can you figure them out?

How to Make the Most of Working the Early Shift (funny)
Not sure whether these “basic instructions” would help more with work or your social standing in the company, but either way, you’re guaranteed a laugh!

Sugar Sugar (game)
Get the sugar into the cup on each level by drawing ramps for the sugar cubes to slide down. Gets trickier with every level! Game List
HUGE sorted list of all sorts of free kid-friendly online games. WOW!

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Redo: Dunning-Kruger Effect, Winterbells, Smart Fridge, and Design Seeds

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Today’s redone Friday links post features a new link to replace an old broken one! Check out the new and improved-ness!

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Be Brave (or At Least Pretend), Musical Revelation, Past/Present Photo Project, and Random Name Generator

March 21st, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

Be Brave–Even if You’re Not, Pretend to Be
Why bother doing this? Because if you’re not brave, you don’t live your life…take it from me!

All Music is the Same Four Chords
As a musician, I heartily disagree with the title–what they mean is that quite a bit of POPULAR music depends on a 1-6-4-5 chord progression (as depicted in the video). But the accompanying video is still flabbergasting nonetheless.

Back to the Future: Photo Project
Neat concept of taking a picture from the past and recreating it with the same person in the present.

Generate a Random Name
Good for fun as well as good for inspiring character names for writers!

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Your Soul Type Quiz, Clever Teachers, Modern Ruins, and Recycling Markers

March 14th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

What’s Your Soul Type? Quiz
Take this less-than-10-minute quiz and find out what kind of person you are! (Apparently, I’m a Performer first and a Creator just slightly second…LOL, sounds right!)

The Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh (Pics)
LOL at the teacher who signed the detention slip “Gandalf the White”, and the teacher who started the “Quiz Shaming” wall for students who forget to put their names on tests, etc.

TheCoolist: 10 Creepy/Beautiful Modern Ruins (Pics) and Crayola Colorcycle
Programs to recycle your kids’ old markers–great way to color green, pun intended!

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Top 100 Fiction Books, Hilarious Morning Text, Beautiful Austrian Places, and Being En Pointe

March 7th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

Best Books: Top 100 Works of Fiction
The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Golden Notebook, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, To the Lighthouse, and 96 more! How many have you read?

Let’s Play A Game (hilarious text)
WOWWWW. Let’s just say this person would have been blocked from ever texting my phone again…LOL

Top 10 Most Beautiful Nature Spots Around Austria (pics)

En Pointe: Wikipedia Article
What it really means to “stand en pointe” in ballet.

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A Life Without Timekeeping, What Cat Owners See in the Morning, Too Close to a Tornado, and Swirly Updo Tutorial

February 28th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

Try to Imagine: A Life Without Timekeeping
A life without clocks…a life without worrying about time. Profound.

The Face Cat Owners See in the Morning
Yep, pretty much! LOL

Too Close to a Tornado (video)
These guys are either very brave or very silly.

Pin It Up, Girl: Swirly Updo Tutorial
This is lovely!

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