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Old Cherokee Proverb, Invisible Driver Prank, Amazing Places Around the World, and

An Old Cherokee Told His Grandson…
Great proverb about the forces of good and evil in all of us.

Drive-Thru “Invisible Driver” Prank (video)
What happens when you make it look like no one is driving a car, and then drive up to various drive-thru windows? This video! HILARIOUS xD

Amazing Places to Experience Around the Globe, part 1 (pics)
What gorgeous pictures! WOW!!
Get inspiration for any and all home projects with this site! It’s like Pinterest Lite for home design.

8 Tax Terms, Doggy Sledding, Tetravex Game, and Small Bedroom Ideas

8 Tax Terms You Should Know
I NEED THIS so much. In fact, we can all use this article!

Sledding, the Doggy Way (funny GIF)
These dogs have got the right idea!

Arrange these nine tiles on a board so that any two of the adjacent numbers on the tiles match. Mental challenge alert!

Making Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger
Lifting curtain rods to the ceiling, using light wall colors and mirrors, minimizing clutter, and many other ideas are in this pictorial list!

Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Surviving Zombies, Fun Photos, and SweetRelish

Lateral Thinking Puzzles
Can you figure out why these situations happen? Strrrrrretch your brain cells!

DoghouseDiaries: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
It apparently all revolves around a giant, Plexiglas hamster ball…LOL

Fun Photos
Amazingly strange pictures, ranging from the natural to the man-made. (That one of the highest set of carousel swings in the world made me gulp!)

Find new products and brands to check out by using this unusual search engine.

Bestselling Books, Cockatoo Loves Chocolate, A Walk in the Park, and Reaction GIFs

CSMonitor: Bestselling Books for 2/21/13
Cool, a weekly list of bestselling books! (Great thing about this one? A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson is on this list!)

The Cockatoo and the Chocolate Fountain (pic)
This cockatoo REALLY loves chocolate!

A Walk in the Park (game)
Control this cute little dog as he pulls his master along in a wheelchair for what is decidedly not your average walk in the park. 😀

Imgur: Reaction GIF Archive
(warning, some NSFW language) Huge library of reaction GIFs for use all over the web…just download and upload where you need to use it!

Minimum Wage Infographic, “Let’s Make Like A…”, Pink Path, and Orange Julius Recipe

Hours at Minimum Wage Needed to Afford Rent (PDF Infographic)
Absolutely shocking that none of the US states provide a minimum-wage worker working 40 hours a week with enough money to even afford rent.

“Let’s Make Like A…” Jokes
Make like a banana and split, make like Houdini and disappear… xD Some NSFW language and references, but very funny.

A Pink Path
Explosions of pink petals on these gorgeous trees…

Orange Julius Recipe

Beautifully Imperfect, Take Off My Shirt Joke, VisualDNA, and BrowserShots

Beautifully Imperfect
Have Kleenex at the ready for this profoundly moving video.

Joke: Take Off My Shirt
A wife asks her husband to take off her shirt…but it’s not what you think! LOL!! (Completely Safe for Work)

VisualDNA Personality Test
Really neat little quiz, all done in pictures!

Test your website’s layout in ALL SORTS of browsers, without ever having to download them!