Napping Facts, Truth and Lies Posters, Twin Dancers, and Mastering Google

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25 Napping Facts Every College Student Should Know
How napping actually makes you smarter, boosts your creativity, and gives all sorts of other benefits. Napping has been officially verified! :D

12 Hilarious Truth and Lies Posters (pics)
ACCURATE posters. I love “the dog did it. (but it might have been me)” and the “I’m on a diet. (of great-tasting food)”.

Les Twins Dancing to “Edit Ants”
Watch these two dancers perform an impromptu combination of hip-hop and robot-style moves!

Get More out of Google (Infographic)
Learn how to Google search the collegiate way, to get better and more reliable search results.

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Redo: Philosophers, Shuffle, Lamp vs. Chair, and Barcode Art

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Learn about philosophers AND do a little bit of gaming with this refreshed links post! (Bonus: cool barcode Internet tool and a funny shirt!)

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Nietzsche Quote, Clumsy Animals, How Smart Are You?, and

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Thoughtful Nietzsche Quote
Great quote by Nietzsche about fighting with monsters and gazing into abysses.

15 GIFs of Some Animals Who Don’t Know What Just Happened
Animals tripping, falling, and otherwise ending up in strange situations…hey, it’s a GIF set about my life! LOL

How Smart Are You?
Read this simple sentence. How many Fs do you see? Trickier than it looks!
Cartoony, kid-friendly guide to the Myers-Briggs Personality test.

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Redo: Spanish Poetry, Street Fighter II, Bubble Sheet Prank, and PortableApps

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Check out this improved links post, now with better descriptions and a fixed link! :)

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Self-Reflection, What Do Stormtroopers Do?, Rotate2 Game, and Spreeder

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Hansei (“self-reflection”): Wikipedia Article
Hansei is a central idea in Japanese culture; it means to acknowledge your own mistake and to pledge improvement. Really interesting read!

What Do Stormtroopers Do?
Based on the hilarious six-picture memes of various people’s jobs. LOVE IT!!

Rotate all the pipe shapes so that they all connect and don’t have loose ends. This is a mental workout!

Train yourself to speed-read with this great little Internet tool!

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Redo: Untranslations, Flying Puzzle, Paraprosdokians, and FlashFace

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Fixed a few link descriptions for this neat links post that ended up with quite a bit of humor included. Awesome!

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Being Honest about America, Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That, Autumn Road Photo, and Poetry Exercises

June 27th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web
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The Most Honest 3 1/2 Minutes of Television
This striking video describes how America’s complacency has led us to our current troubled status. NSFW language, but points out the fact that what makes a great country isn’t its policy or politics, but its people.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That (Original News Report and AutoTune Remix)
Finally, see the infamous news report that generated the infectious song–and then enjoy the song as well! (BONUS: Chart for Chart Week below!)
Graph made with the help of GraphJam Builder.

Autumn Sunset Road Desktop Wallpaper
Beautiful and tranquil.

Creative Writing Exercises: Poetry
Great creative writing exercises for us poets!

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Clever Science Ads, 5-Minute Management Course, Cave Diving Photo, and Secret Ring Tool

June 20th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

Clever Science-Based Ad Billboards
These are awesome! (I LOLed at the hair billboard, and the gold billboard is just wow!)

5-Minute Management Course
Hilarious and yet profound in ways…but mostly funny. xD (Some NSFW language)

Cave Diving Photo
What beautiful water, and what amazing natural sculptures!

This Titanium Ring Conceals a Saw and Handcuff Opener
A ring worthy of Bond…James Bond.

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Redo: Celebs with Mental Issues, Dots, Paper Pop-Ups, and Help for Packing

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With two fixed links and a formatting error corrected, this old links post is ready to blast away your boredom! Click and enjoy!

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How Not to Be Offended, 30 Dumbest Student Sentences, Color Matching Game, and Geeky Wallpapers

June 13th, 2014 by , in Friday around the Web

How Not to Be Offended
I need this article so much. Once we realize that many times what people say to us is not really ABOUT us at all, it’s easier not to react and make things worse.

30 Dumbest Sentences from High School Student Essays
As a former English teacher, I read a few sentences like these…LOL

Color Matching Game
See how closely you can match the shade and tone of the displayed color–more challenging than it looks! (Webdesigners and graphic artists, rejoice–it’s a game MADE for us!)

40 Super Awesome Wallpapers for Nerds
I’d say these are more geeky than nerdy–but you decide!

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