Why I Chose to Write a Multi-Topic Blog

When you think of “blogs” you generally think of personal writings, such as the writing about somebody’s day-to-day life, such as Jenn.nu and GeekyPosh.com. And if it’s not a blog about day-to-day life, then perhaps it’s a blogging-platform-driven website based on a topic, turning it into a one-topic blog, such as The Simple Dollar or WPCandy.com.

My blog, therefore, a blog about six different topics, is rather strange in comparison. Why, given these two other (somewhat easier-looking) styles of blogging, would I choose to create a blog this diverse?

Reason #1: Tried Personal Blogs and One-Topic Blogs Before–and Failed

Yes, you read that right. I actually have failed at doing blogs several times before Crooked Glasses came to be. And I have tried both types of blogging styles that I outlined above.

After trying to run a WindowsLive Space, a LiveJournal, and a personal site, I discovered that my personal life was just not interesting enough to warrant writing a post about every day. Some days, I literally thought, “If I post today, it’s going to have the same content as the post yesterday.” Seriously, nobody needs to read a whole week (or month) of posts along the lines of “Today I woke up. I ate something. Then I watched TV before going to meet my boyfriend and hang out. Then I came home and wrote this blog post, then went to bed.”

It bored me to tears to think about writing this drivel, so I had to come to the hard conclusion that it would also be boring for people to read. (I also never kept a steady diary during my childhood for the same reason–it bored me to write identical diary entries day after day.)

In between trying to make a personal blog work for me, I also tried a couple of topic blogs that are best left forgotten, basically about my favorite TV shows at the time. What frustrated me about writing one-topic blogs was that I quickly ran out of content–I ran out of things to say about the topic very quickly when I felt pressured to write about it every day. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the topic anymore or that I got tired of it; instead, I struggled week to week to try to find new nuggets of information that my visitors would like to read, and I ended up feeling like all I was writing was retreads of old articles.

Reason #2: Wanted One Site that Covered All My Favorite Things

Like Julie Andrews’ character in The Sound of Music, I have a lot of favorite things; I am interested in webdesign, Internet surfing, and creativity, but also in Biblical study, gaming, and a bit of philosophy and commentary here and there. I didn’t want to have six different blogs, though–I wanted one place, one login and one blogging platform installation, that allowed me to share about all the things I love.

I also wanted my blog to stand out, and I knew that a multi-topic blog would be a lot broader and more interesting to viewers, as well as providing them a window into topics they might have never thought of or heard of before.

Reason #3: Keeps Me Writing and Doesn’t Let Me Get Bored

The last reason I chose a multi-topic blog is because this keeps me writing. Every week, I challenge myself to write six new blog posts, six new examples of fresh and interesting content, and it helps me hone and trim my writing down to its essential basics instead of allowing my words to run amok. It doesn’t let me slack off or procrastinate (as I am so prone to do in other areas of my life)–this is a personal commitment to working on one of my best-loved crafts.

Writing about six different topics also keeps me from being bored or running out of content. I don’t drag myself through writing six posts about the same topic–I am energized by writing one post each about my favorite topics.


Blogging doesn’t have to be based in your personal life or in just one topic. Indeed, if you’re interested in many different topics, a multi-topic blog might be just the way to make your mark on the blogging community. (I don’t claim that Crooked Glasses is all that popular just yet, but you never know!)

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