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Yes, I am a girl. :P Though most of my blog posts don’t trumpet my femininity to the heavens, I figured I’d indulge myself in naming some of my all-time favorite products, partially inspired by this post over at

Hair Products

(My Hair Type: Oily, generally medium-fine, straight as an arrow.)
(General Care: Wash, part, comb and wear in the summertime; wash, part, comb, dry and wear in the wintertime. [I generally hate styling my hair. All I end up with is flat hair and tired arms. LOL])

Clarifying Shampoo: used to be Pantene Clarifying Shampoo until they discontinued it (SAD :c ), but now I use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, and it works very similarly (though not completely the same). I have to use a clarifying shampoo at least every other day because of the super-straight and fine texture of my hair and oiliness of my scalp, and this gets my hair very very clean.
Deep-Cleansing, Non-Clarifying Shampoo: Citre Shine Daily Revitalizing; they no longer seem to make this, but the closest example I could find on their website was theirFresh Fusion Shampoo. Love the citrus smell and it gets my hair squeaky clean without stripping it out.
Lightweight Conditioner: Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner. Doesn’t make my hair feel oily again, thank God!
Lightweight 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner: Suave 2 in 1 Plus. Great for summertime/humid conditions because it skips a step in the shower AND it leaves my hair feeling lighter than other 2 in 1s do, while still conditioning it.
Rich 2 & 1 Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene Classic Care 2 in 1. Great for wintertime/dry conditions because it gives a little more moisture and keeps flyaways down without having to have a second product.

Skin Products

(My Skin Type: Oily, acne-prone as all get out, easily irritated with moisturizers, cleansers, certain laundry detergents, and itchy tags.)
(General Care: Cleanse without moisturizers/lotions in humid conditions to keep down the greaseball factor; cleanse and add very light moisturizer/lotion in dry conditions. I use a mesh sponge/loofah on my body and just fingertips on my face.)

Basic Cleansing & Moisturizing Body Wash: Ivory Simply Ivory Body Wash. Cleans my sensitive yet oily skin effectively without leaving it feeling stripped. It also smells lovely and pleasantly soapy-clean without choking other people with the scent.

No Picture Available:
Seasonal Product

Perfumey Body Wash: Essence of Beauty Fresh Roses/Essence of Beauty Jasmine Ginger (both of these are spring scents, so they’re not available on the web at the time of this writing). Love both of these scents, and I also love how clean and yet silky my skin feels afterward.
Face Scrub: St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub. Been using this for years about once a week or once every two weeks as I feel it’s appropriate, and it always leaves my skin very soft and smooth (as well as very clean!).

No Picture Available:
Discontinued Product

Face Cream/Moisturizer: Jergens Face Cream (so discontinued it no longer appears on their Discontinued Products page! Sad.) Works as a very gentle cleanser and a somewhat slippery moisturizer, best at night or right after a shower; also, best in drier or winter conditions.

Grooming Products

Basic Razor: Venus razor. I’ve trusted my skin to this razor for almost 10 years, and it always gives me a great close shave, even as coarse as my hair can sometimes get. I now use the basic razor more for touch-ups outside the shower, however, because of the awesome product below.
Razor + Shave Gel: Venus Breeze. It is one of the great time-savers I’ve found–you don’t have to waste precious hot-water time soaping up your legs with shave gel that’s just going to get washed off by the shower spray before you can even break out the razor. This product includes just enough shave gel in its double bars to last me for up to 7 shave sessions (two lower legs and two underarms each time).

Makeup Products

(Face Issues: Darkened inside corner of eyes [close to nose], no matter how many vitamins I take/how much rest I get; occasional large pimple or two; usually more greasy than not, though the greaseball factor has decreased as I’ve gotten into my later 20s.)
(Face Color: Not porcelain-white, but a bit pale. I usually have to get products in “Classic Ivory” or other similar shade names.)

Foundation/Powder: Clinique Almost Powder Makeup. I don’t wear it as often anymore due to not wearing much makeup at all anymore, but it’s one of the only compact powders I’ve found that even comes close to covering my undereye circles.

No Picture Available: Discontinued Product

Blush: New York Color Highlighting Mosaic Powder (no longer made, sad…). All the pink shades in this mosaic powder look really pretty and blend into a lovely blush that doesn’t look clowny. You can also adjust the intensity of the color really easily by applying less or more product.

Lip Gloss: Neutrogena Moisturizing Lip Gloss/Covergirl Wetslicks. I have two Neutrogena lip glosses and one Covergirl lip gloss, all three of which are staple shades for me. Covergirl Wetslicks in Shimmershell (top picture) is a lovely, shimmery, barely-there pale pink that always leaves my lips feeling better than before I put it on. The two Neutrogena Lip Glosses (bottom picture) that I have are also smooth, faintly shimmery, and fairly long-lasting (for a gloss). Healthy Blush is a light coral/salmon color that blends easily with my natural lip color; Berry Fit is a richer, deeper berry red shade that doesn’t look gothy or overdone.
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