Perfect Little Moments

As a break from the weightier Tuesday on the Soapbox posts of the last few weeks, I give you this poetic entry as food for thought…all the perfect little moments we live through every day, but rarely take time to really experience. Hope you enjoy the ones I’ve listed here from my own life, and I also hope it makes you think of some of your own perfect little moments in your life, too.

  • Driving down the highway, windows down and music turned up, with a bunch of best friends.
  • The faint, pleasant chill of early morning coming in through open windows, as you lie in bed, perfectly snuggled up in covers, perfectly aware that it’s your day off and you can sleep in.
  • Stepping out from a dreary building into a rain-washed world, where even the sky looks bluer and the sunlight seems cleaner.
  • Finding the cool spot on the pillow.
  • Bare feet on a gently sun-warmed wooden porch.
  • An honest, much-needed conversation over hot chocolate on a chilly day.
  • Being the only driver on the road as far as you can see, both ahead of you and in your rearview mirror. (Perfect time for serious, out-loud contemplation, or enthusiastic singing along to the radio)
  • Watching dawn or dusk creep across a quiet, rural landscape…soft light and shadow playing across the streets and into the fields and forests, colors of leaves and branches shifting in the changing light.
  • Coming into an air-conditioned building from the sweltering heat and humidity of high summer–like diving into a pool without getting wet.
  • Putting on still-warm-from-the-dryer underwear.
  • When the knot of traffic ahead finally eases and you can speed up at last.
  • Bowing your head to pray, and feeling all the worry and hurt ripple out of you as you honestly talk to God.

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