Redo: My 5 Tenets of Beaded Jewelry Design

October 11th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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More links to other beading articles I’ve written, plus tightened-up writing overall, has made this post worth reading again! Click to read more about how I design my beaded jewelry!

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Redo: The Slow, Agonizing Death of AE Missions

September 25th, 2014 by , in Thursday in the Zone
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Though City of Heroes may be like Sleeping Beauty at the moment, this post about the Architect Entertainment system is still something we players should think about. After all, if/when the game rises from its enchanted sleep, we will have access to the AE building again–let’s do it right this time!

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Redo: Seeing and Feeling Music

September 6th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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I went back and polished up this post about sound-color synesthesia, adding in a video and several links for further information. If you’ve never heard of synesthesia and wonder how someone could “see” and “feel” music, click the link and discover my real-life visual and tactile musical experiences!

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Redo: Poems: Kernels of Art

August 30th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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Ever wondered why poetry exists? Well, I have one theory, expressed in today’s rewritten creativity post. Read on to discover how poetry and all other art forms are actually connected!

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Redo: Happy Little (Sketched) Tree

August 9th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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This reworked art post was downright fun to edit! I added a few helpful links and better explanations, and now it’s ready for viewing again. Click and see how I can draw when I actually put my mind to it, LOL!

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Redo: Confront the Giant in Song

August 2nd, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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I went back and rewrote a good bit of this post about songwriting–it definitely needed it! I thought it made sense a few years ago, but I’ve tightened up the writing and made it much more readable. Click to read about how I write “problem songs” and what their purpose is!

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Redo: Awake in the Middle of the Night? Write!

July 26th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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This post is still relevant to me 3 years later! LOL! (Considering that I’m doing this redo post in the middle of the night, xD) Check out how to turn sleepless time into creative time!

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Making Visual Art (Funny Chart)

June 28th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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(Yep, this is usually how it goes for me… LOL)

Graph made with the help of GraphJam FlashBuilder.

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Redo: The Impromptu Writers’ Club

June 21st, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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Lots of tweaking, rewording, and reshaping for this week’s redone creativity post, about working together with other writers to improve your writing and get inspired to start again. Check out the new and improved article!

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Rescue Your Creativity from the Internet!

June 14th, 2014 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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I realized last night that I haven’t played my piano keyboard in about 5 weeks. 5 WEEKS? That, for me, is almost unheard of–at least, when you take into account that I used to spend up to two hours a DAY playing piano down in the basement. Even when I had video games and schoolwork to take care of, even when I was at my busiest in college, I always found time to play my music, or to write poetry, or do other creative things. What’s changed?

I can point to one thing: the Internet. Now that there’s a constant source of passive entertainment in my room (even while I’m lying or sitting in bed!), I don’t have to go far for mental stimulation. I don’t even have to lift a finger to create anything if I don’t absolutely need to. And, increasingly, I find that the urgent need to create is somehow slipping away.

Why This is a HUGE Problem–And More Widespread Than It Seems

For me, a prolific creator for most of my life up until this point, this is a radical mindset shift, and I know I’m not the only creative person suffering it. The Internet provides us with endless resources to fuel our creativity, but it also provides a handy time sink–it gives us carte blanche to while away just as many countless hours clicking things on a screen for no purpose other than a high score and/or a sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, that random Internet time doesn’t often lead to creativity boosts, unless your brain just really needs a gaming or browsing break. These days, for me, Internet time becomes simply “lost time,” time in which my brain still has to work at reading or analyzing, but rarely has anything concrete to show for it. And by the time I’m finally done puttering around on the Internet, I’m far too mentally tired to be creative. That is the most dangerous symptom of all.

I see this happening not only to me, but to some of my creative friends, too–we’re all suffering from what looks like “Internet fatigue,” not having the mental energy to do much beyond surf just one more website, take just one more online quiz, etc. Have you felt it, too?

A Simple Solution

I’m not recommending that we all just stop using Internet for the rest of our lives, however. Not only does our work often depend on Internet, but our creative lives are now taking place on the Internet more frequently than not. The Internet is great, but, as I’ve discovered, one can easily “overdose” on it and end up less creative than ever.

We creative folk have to reclaim at least some time for our brains to be JUST OURS–for our thoughts and ideas alone to be uppermost in our minds, rather than the blended remnants of today’s headlines/scandals, DIY ideas, status updates, etc. That’s the way we get back our creative juices…that, and specifically carving out time to do so.

So, how to reclaim productive creative time from the Internet? Here are some tips I’m putting into practice:

What other ways can you think of to rescue your own creativity from Internet fatigue? Tell me in the comments!

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