Common Sense: A (Funny) Flowchart

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To Dance Like This: A Little Girl’s Dream

July 21st, 2012 by , in Saturday with the Spark
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Though my weak ankles, flat feet, and messed-up knees keep me from most dancing, I still have the little-girl dream of looking and feeling this light and graceful. I may not be able to do it, but I can write about it, and imagine…





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Funny Clix and Star Wars Minis Juxtapositions

July 19th, 2012 by , in Thursday in the Zone
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These are all pictures I took while gaming at various local shops over the years…I generally come up with funny ways to position Clix and SWMinis figures during longer games. xD Scroll down and enjoy!


Superman and Black Hand taking time out from the battle for a quick fist-bump.

The making of Iron Man V: Tony Stark Meets a Mirror

We know what Speedball’s really interested in, and it’s not dealing damage.

Nightwing’s kick is pretty powerful if it can age the Flash 50 years in one hit!

Funny, I never knew Galactus was a falconer…

Judging where Iron Fist’s Dragon Punch energy is coming from, this is either a huge ego boost for Power Man, or incredibly painful.

Nick Fury got tired of trying to explain Facebook to Captain America after the first 10 times…

The World-Eater himself is caught in the act of adding another gruesome line to his reputation.

When the paycheck from the newspaper wasn’t enough, Peter Parker had to get creative for his second job.

A sparkly-caped Justice, in the act of punching Mojo where it really hurts, apparently.

BONUS: This was an actual shower gel product sold in my local drugstore a few years ago, marketed to men. I LOL’ed, and then snapped this quick picture.

BONUS: The title of a Clix event we held at our local gaming shop a few years back–it was an all-female tourney event, as you might have guessed.

I took the liberty of decorating the dry-erase board with thematic illustrations for the event…

…Yeah, I couldn’t resist illustrating bloody beauty products for this tourney.

Star Wars Minis

Queen Amidala: “For the last time, Chewie, I have no idea what “raaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaawwwrrrr” means!!”

This poor little soldier is about to find out why it’s dangerous to be crammed in a small space with a bunch of Jedi…OW.

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The Face of Jesus

July 18th, 2012 by , in Wednesday in the Word
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Image source; painted by Akiane Kramarik.

According to Colton Burpo, whose amazing experiences formed the basis of the book Heaven is for Real, the above picture is the most accurate earthly representation of Jesus Christ.

The warmth and compassion depicted in this picture brings tears to my eyes every time I view it. This is Who Sunday morning worship is all about, folks. Indeed, He is what every moment of prayer and worship is about. Sometimes we just lose the sense of just Who loved us enough to suffer and die for each one of us to be saved. This picture brings that sharply back into focus.

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Fantastic Places (That Don’t Really Exist)

July 17th, 2012 by , in Tuesday on the Soapbox
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Oh, if only these places and vistas really existed…I would definitely have to visit each one! Sometimes the sheer beauty of a place is inspiration enough, and these would be worth the travel time.

Image source:

Image source:

Image source:

Image source:

(For each of these images, click to get access to a much larger version, or you can go to the sourced website to retrieve it in a big enough size for your computer.)

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The Webdesigner’s Flowchart

July 16th, 2012 by , in Monday in the HTMLab
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Because this is how it happens for me, pretty much all the time.

Image credit: Me! :)

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