The Face of Jesus

Image source; painted by Akiane Kramarik.

According to Colton Burpo, whose amazing experiences formed the basis of the book Heaven is for Real, the above picture is the most accurate earthly representation of Jesus Christ.

The warmth and compassion depicted in this picture brings tears to my eyes every time I view it. This is Who Sunday morning worship is all about, folks. Indeed, He is what every moment of prayer and worship is about. Sometimes we just lose the sense of just Who loved us enough to suffer and die for each one of us to be saved. This picture brings that sharply back into focus.

11 thoughts on “The Face of Jesus”

  1. Everytime I see this picture it calms my soul. I want to believe that this is Jesus’s face. Someday I WILL know!!!! 😉

  2. Why are people not writing responses to the amazing face of our savior Jesus Christ!!! He’s before your eyes , this is the truth !!

  3. This is not our Savior face. The only time we will see his face is when we sit and eat in his presence. He is glorious and almighty to be seen by people. Why would God show himself to the world knowing that this world gets dragged by idolatry. God said that we should not do any image and worship it. We shouldn’t need a image to feel peace or joy. He lives within us, he lives in our hearts and that is 10000 times better. Praise God because he does not live in images or statues, He lives in our hearts because we are the living temple of God:)

  4. I disagree with the last posters post. Because God took flesh (Jesus Christ) is proof that the Savior wanted to be us so we could know him not only in spirit, but in flesh which includes the way He looks. Psalm 80:3

  5. As stated in my post, Manny, this is but one representation of how Jesus may appear to us; there have been MANY images of Jesus painted through the centuries. This particular image was painted by a young girl who had a near-death experience similar to Colton Burpo’s, and he simply identified this painting out of many other Christ images as the one he felt best represented the Savior he met. Also, as I wrote in my post, I did not advocate worshipping the picture itself, but using it as a reminder of Jesus’ warm and compassionate love for all of us. I am sorry that it wasn’t clear.

    Joseph, your comment is a great way to look at it–with Jesus being “God in flesh,” it makes sense to me that He would appear to us in a form we could recognize.

    Thank you both for your comments!

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen I believe that if god were to reveal himself to someone it would be to one with the purest soul like that of a child, like in the case of Colton or the little girl that had an NDE. I mean doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible that it is easier for a child to enter Heaven than it is for an adult due the fact that child is free of sin and an Adult is afraid of there being The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. People, The time has come to repent and to ask God Almighty!!! for forgiveness. God Bless You all my brothers and sisters and have a good night.

  7. I have read the book and seen the movie about Colton Burpo, I believe his accounting. This physical representation of Christ is wonderful and beautiful. The painting is soothing and peaceful. God bless.

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