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Either a “day off” from the usual topics, or a day to post about the blog itself–a wildcard day, if you will.

Crooked Glasses Turns 1 This Week!

On January 26th, 2012, it will have officially been one year since I began this blog.

Boy, CG, you’ve expanded and grown, gotten prettier and better-organized, and to date I haven’t missed a week of posts yet, despite all the random illnesses, occasional doctor visits, and wisdom teeth surgery.

I’m really proud of these accomplishments, possibly more than I should be. This is just the first time that I’ve actually stuck to consistently writing a blog for longer than a week, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to use and design around blogging software. xD

Why Did Crooked Glasses Succeed For So Long?

I think not writing about my life helps–my life isn’t that different from day to day, so just having a random blog/life category (Sunday in the Wild) helps me to post a couple big events from my life without me having to keep an online diary-style journal. I never could keep diaries offline unless they were about something specific, like love life or something, so I guess I was always meant to write a topic blog like this.

Also, scheduling posts, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of the reasons I love WordPress, even if designing around it has been a particular challenge for me. Now I can finally do a week of posts ahead of time, and at least appear to be an on-the-ball blogger. (Well, unless I have a random life-splitting headache like I did yesterday…urrrgh.) 😛

Where to Go from Here?

In the next year of Crooked Glasses’ life, I’d like to make it easier to browse by making category archives by title and/or tags only, as well as make the sidebar more about networking and the top navigation more about…well, navigating the blog. LOL!

I also plan to get a Twitter for this (yikes, what am I saying?!), mainly just to help others know when I’ve posted something new. (And if this Twitter goes well, I may instate one for my personal use, buuuuuut that’s a definite maybe. If there is such a thing. LOL)

And if I’m feeling REALLY productive, I may even make a fan page on Facebook. Yay, give me something else to do with my dialup access and forgetful self. xD

Eleven Things 2011 Taught Me

To appropriately ring in the new year, I am reflecting on things that the old year taught me. How can I go forward if I don’t know where I am, right?

Eleven Things 2011 Taught Me

1. It is possible for your wisdom teeth to be severely infected for months, without your actual teeth ever hurting.

2. My parents are awesome, supportive people, and I am darn lucky to have them both still living.

3. 5,000 words typed in a single afternoon? Yes, it happens. 😀

4. Winter precipitation is a particularly large pain in the posterior region. It’s fine to be in a warm house looking out at said precipitation; trying to walk in the cold among inches and inches of icy, slippery snow leads to many falls and much fist-shaking.

5. Summer precipitation is no better–hailstorms are nothing to mess with, and leave your car looking like it’s been driven through a rough part of town. (LOL, my little Sydney has “street cred” now)

6. General anesthesia is a blissful nothingness, usually…but I had a dream while under general anesthesia, in which I talked peacefully with one of my relatives, long gone now. I wonder what I glimpsed?

7. Trying to sleep through a headache doesn’t work. Period.

8. Zumba, on the other hand, works. I lost 5 inches off my waist in 5 months of a little less-than-regular weekly attendance. 😀

9. Never put your faith in a single hard drive. Sooner or later, all hard drives, whether they are flash drives, external drives, or internal drives, will fail. Multiple backups are awesome!

10. Living without a personal computer is very annoying at best and creativity-killing at worst, at least for someone who creates files on a daily basis like I do.

11. Holly bushes absolutely COVERED in beautiful, big red berries = free Christmas decorations for the outdoors. 😀

Wisdom Teeth and Headaches Gone

I had my wisdom teeth extracted on November 3rd…as in, 10 days ago.

I bet you’re wondering why you’ve seen so much more of me on the Internet since then, instead of seeing me drop off the face of the Internet. One reason: the headaches I have had for EIGHT MONTHS are finally gone.

Symptom: The Burning-Sensation Headache

I started having burning-sensation, throbbing headaches in my temples around April of 2011, and I thought it was just another one of my body’s quirks. Since I’ve suffered migraines, blood-pressure headaches, menstrual headaches, and tension headaches throughout much of my life, I figured this was just another headache to add to the mix.

But this type of headache was odd. It behaved somewhat like a migraine, except misplaced–it didn’t occur in my eye or in the veins in my forehead like all my other migraines, but it made me feel nauseous and sensitive to light, and left me with no energy. And yet, it behaved something like a tension or cluster headache, too; my neck and shoulders stayed tense all the time, and it felt as though the headache rocketed back and forth along the trigeminal nerve. But that wasn’t all: if I pressed a fingertip to the source of pain at my temple, I could feel what felt like a corded blood vessel, pulsing and pounding just like a blood-pressure headache. It seemed that this headache had multiple personality disorder.

I suffered these headaches, often up to 10 times a month for 2 or 3 days at a time, for seven months; they were untreatable by most medicines, so I had to suffer through them. By the time October rolled around, I had had inexplicable trouble sleeping (going to bed at 5 AM and waking up at 1 PM, anyone?) combined with the headaches, and all throughout the month of October I felt as if I was too tired to live my life anymore. Pain was constantly with me, in the burning of my temples, and my life had shrunk to what I could manage versus what I wanted to do.

The Health (and Dental) Epiphany

To add insult to injury, at the end of October, my bottom right wisdom tooth began to act up–it and its three brethren had been playing hide-and-seek with me since I was 20, painfully bursting through the gums over a period of weeks, staying out for a few months, and then partially covering themselves back over with gum tissue. I figured this was another episode of the same stuff, so I did nothing about it, just switched over to eating softer food for a few days until the gum quit complaining.

But that was the odd thing: it didn’t stop complaining. In fact, it got worse, so much so that my jaw ached and it caused another one of those burning-sensation, normal-life-ceasing headaches. In desperation, I called my dentist, and they scheduled me for an appointment later in the week.

When they saw me, they first did an X-ray to see what might be the trouble; the X-ray results came back a few minutes later, and the dentist (an old pharmacy-school friend of my parents’) said, “Looks like your wisdoms are infected.”

Come again? INFECTED? How the heck could TEETH become infected?

But infected they indeed were–he showed me on the X-ray where the infection in each wisdom tooth had eaten into the jawbone, showing up as a small black spot behind each wisdom tooth. Ugghhh. I was sick at hearing that, but even sicker was the thought that the infection might have been going on much longer than I thought.

Out, Out, Darned Teeth!

An appointment was quickly made with an oral surgeon in the same building to extract all four wisdom teeth as soon as humanly possible, after a 10-day course of antibiotics had been run through me to dispel the grave infection. And so, on November 3rd, after 13 days of worrying and lots of praying, my dad drove me to the oral surgeon’s office to have my wisdom teeth removed.

I was so nervous about the surgery that my blood pressure and pulse were well above normal–the attending nurse noticed that the blood pressure reading was 133/90-something, though I didn’t catch the pulse reading. In fact, I was so scared that my nervous quivering was literally vibrating the dental chair underneath me. It wasn’t until the oral surgeon himself came in that I began to calm down, and that was mainly because he explained everything that was going to happen, including the effects of the general anesthesia I had opted for (I wasn’t about to be conscious during this stuff).

A peace I still don’t understand descended over me, just before the oral surgeon numbed my arm to put the anesthesia in. A minute or so after the anesthesia had been administered, I began to experience my vision fluttering, like the vertical hold on an old television gone slightly off-kilter, and then…blessed nothingness.

Well, I shouldn’t say exactly “nothingness.” I did have a dream under anesthesia, about my uncle (my mom’s late older brother) talking to me. As I recall, the dream felt about 2 minutes long, and felt absolutely real…and then I awoke to the nurse asking me if I felt like walking to the wheelchair they had waiting for me. I was clumsy as ever getting up out of the dental chair, so I figured I was back to normal (LOL). My jaw and mouth were all over numb, and I felt like I had Jay Leno’s chin extending out from my face, even though I was not swollen externally much at all. (“Phantom sensations,” I think they call that.)

I recovered quickly in the office’s recovery area–the guy in the curtained-off area beside me wasn’t doing very well, bless his heart. Not sure what was going on with him, but it sounded like he was in a lot of pain. In comparison with him, my experience was a cakewalk. Dad drove me to Cook-Out, where I got a lovely vanilla milkshake (doctor’s orders)–it quickly became a vanilla-and-blood-flavored milkshake, but I was able to eat soft foods and able to talk within hours of the procedure.

The Unexpected Blessing

2 hours after the surgery, I realized something. The blinding, face-ripping headache I had experienced the night before the surgery, which had tempted me to consider tearing the trigeminal nerve out of my head to spare myself any more agony, was GONE.

Not only that, but it has stayed gone, even 10 days after the surgery. Sure, I’ve had a little bit of burny pain in my temples here and there as the wisdom tooth sockets heal and the other teeth get used to not having their pushy neighbors around, but it is NOTHING like what had dragged me down for eight months. I am left to conclude that my wisdom teeth and their infection were to blame for my headaches and inexplicable fatigue…and now that they are gone, my energy and my old personality are back. I finally have mental energy enough to play Clix with my boyfriend again, to design and update my websites again, and I feel like hanging out with people again…it’s like I got 75% of my life back by removing 100% of my wisdom teeth.

My only regret in this process? That I didn’t get my teeth seen about months ago. If I had, maybe I could have actually LIVED more of 2011 outside my house instead of lying in my bed, clutching my head and crying. Moral of the story: if you have burning-sensation headaches that you just can’t explain, your wisdom teeth (if you still have them) might be the hidden cause!

Little Fixes and Big Fixes

I finally added the “Welcome” and “Home” links to the top-right navigation…I’d had the Welcome page ready for months, but just forgot to link to it, and the “Home” link was an oversight. At least it’s fixed now!

For the future of my blog, I’m considering just making one post visible on the opening page, and then allowing visitors to scroll somehow through the past week of posts. Also, I’d like a little About Me blurb on the side. But, until I figure out how to do all that, I’m going to let the sidebar alone. No need in poking the sleeping dragon just yet.

Also, in life news, I’m facing having my wisdom teeth removed…not looking forward to that. But it’s a “big fix” that needs to happen, otherwise I’ll be having trouble eating and talking without pain for the rest of my life. :/

Warning: Laptopless Week Ahead

Due to an unfortunate accident involving my laptop and a violent meeting with the floor, the blog posts this week will be a little less quality than usual. My faithful little buddy is currently in transit to the fix-up place, so I’m having to bum computer time off family and friends until it returns home. At least it was only the LCD screen that was damaged–I lost no data! (In fact, it kept its screen working for five minutes when we arrived at the computer “emergency room,” but could not keep up the charade for long. Its graphics card, RAM, and hard drive appear to have suffered no damage at all.)

Also, once my laptop is fixed, I would like to implement a couple of changes to the layout, but I’m leery of changing anything because it seems every time I change something, the whole site goes bonkers and I get a page full of errors. Maybe some more study on WP coding would do me well, even though all the changes I’ve tried to implement before were so-called “valid code.” *sigh* WordPress, why must you be so difficult to understand?

Coming Up: “Glassics” Week!

To celebrate the summer (and give myself a week off from new posts), I’m introducing a week of posts known collectively as “Glassics”, or “Crooked Glasses Classics”. On Monday, there will be a review of all the web design posts I’ve done to date; on Tuesday, a review of all the commentary and philosophy posts I’ve done, and so on through Saturday.

I’m doing this not only for my own reference, but to re-expose new readers to some of my older posts, so that they can read and enjoy. I’ll also be going back through the older posts and updating them with pictures/illustrations and other media, since I now know how to incorporate such items into WordPress. (Some posts will also get some rewrites as necessary to be more informative and complete.)

I’m looking forward to Glassics Week–I hope you’ll stay tuned tomorrow for the Web Design Glassics!

Comments Fixed, AddThis Added!

So, after much ado, I finally got the comments to work on my blog! Just in time for me to get super-spammed. Sigh. Oh well, at least the comments do work now! 😀

Also, I have added the AddThis plugin to my blog, making it possible to “Like” my posts on Facebook, Tweet them, or share them on a variety of other services. I’m excited about this plugin, and I hope it’ll work well for the blog, making it more interactive and usable. 🙂

TL;DR: WOOT for fixing stuff on my blog! 😀 😀