Coming Up: “Glassics” Week!

To celebrate the summer (and give myself a week off from new posts), I’m introducing a week of posts known collectively as “Glassics”, or “Crooked Glasses Classics”. On Monday, there will be a review of all the web design posts I’ve done to date; on Tuesday, a review of all the commentary and philosophy posts I’ve done, and so on through Saturday.

I’m doing this not only for my own reference, but to re-expose new readers to some of my older posts, so that they can read and enjoy. I’ll also be going back through the older posts and updating them with pictures/illustrations and other media, since I now know how to incorporate such items into WordPress. (Some posts will also get some rewrites as necessary to be more informative and complete.)

I’m looking forward to Glassics Week–I hope you’ll stay tuned tomorrow for the Web Design Glassics!

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