Crooked Glasses Turns 1 This Week!

On January 26th, 2012, it will have officially been one year since I began this blog.

Boy, CG, you’ve expanded and grown, gotten prettier and better-organized, and to date I haven’t missed a week of posts yet, despite all the random illnesses, occasional doctor visits, and wisdom teeth surgery.

I’m really proud of these accomplishments, possibly more than I should be. This is just the first time that I’ve actually stuck to consistently writing a blog for longer than a week, and it’s the first time I’ve been able to use and design around blogging software. xD

Why Did Crooked Glasses Succeed For So Long?

I think not writing about my life helps–my life isn’t that different from day to day, so just having a random blog/life category (Sunday in the Wild) helps me to post a couple big events from my life without me having to keep an online diary-style journal. I never could keep diaries offline unless they were about something specific, like love life or something, so I guess I was always meant to write a topic blog like this.

Also, scheduling posts, as I’ve mentioned before, is one of the reasons I love WordPress, even if designing around it has been a particular challenge for me. Now I can finally do a week of posts ahead of time, and at least appear to be an on-the-ball blogger. (Well, unless I have a random life-splitting headache like I did yesterday…urrrgh.) 😛

Where to Go from Here?

In the next year of Crooked Glasses’ life, I’d like to make it easier to browse by making category archives by title and/or tags only, as well as make the sidebar more about networking and the top navigation more about…well, navigating the blog. LOL!

I also plan to get a Twitter for this (yikes, what am I saying?!), mainly just to help others know when I’ve posted something new. (And if this Twitter goes well, I may instate one for my personal use, buuuuuut that’s a definite maybe. If there is such a thing. LOL)

And if I’m feeling REALLY productive, I may even make a fan page on Facebook. Yay, give me something else to do with my dialup access and forgetful self. xD

2 thoughts on “Crooked Glasses Turns 1 This Week!”

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary! 🙂 I love being able to schedule posts in advance! It makes blogging so much easier! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you on Twitter! I’m @geekyshopaholic

  2. I feel sorry for you that you have dialup access. You must have so much patience!

    Even though WordPress can schedule posts I don’t like to use that feature. I feel like it’s kind of cheating, besides, I blog regularly and keep my blog like I keep a diary so there’s no need for scheduling or drafting posts. I just post and go, to be honest.

    Happy birthday to your blog though! I hope it keeps going. I’ve kept a blog for a while but as for my website, it’s not just a blog … and it started out with graphics and other things. 😛

    I just post tweets to my personal Twitter account. When I write new posts I get a WordPress plugin to tweet for me :B

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