Into the Abyss–I Mean My Purse

Like most women, I have a pretty heavy, stuffed purse (some folks have referred to it as “the bowling ball,” lol). But unlike most women (or at least most of the bloggers I’ve seen), I don’t carry a beauty department with me wherever I go.

Of course I have the necessary items–a wallet, for instance…

And I carry a few pencils and keys with me…

But that, y’all, is about as normal as my purse gets. Let me show you 😀

My Purse: A Mishmash of Tech and Survival Kit

This is quite possibly the most important thing in my purse, besides my iPhone (with which I was taking these pictures). This little camera case holds my iPod, its cord, and 3 flash drives which are backups of all the files I have on my computer. (After the hard drive disaster I faced last winter, I will NEVER go without backups again.) So in one case, I have my music for my car, plus all my files if I feel the need to work on something while out and about.

This is the other really important item I have–my little Grid-It organizer, stuffed full of survival items. (Well, maybe not REALLY survival items, but as close as I can get!) I’ve got:

  • a Tide To-Go pen for spills and stains (I need this a lot, lemme tell ya)
  • Advil, Aleve, Advil Migraine, and a couple of prescriptions
  • Neo To Go antibiotic spray for wounds (because I hurt myself accidentally throughout the day)
  • Bobby pins and safety pins (in the Altoids Smalls tin, as seen below:


And of course, any survival kit like this would not be complete without:

Yep, that’s right–I carry Band-Aids, wet wipes, and even a bit of gauze with me in my purse. My friends and I are so accident-prone (well, mostly me :P) that you never know what we’ll need!

Aside from such techie and health-related gear, I’ve also got a few slightly more mundane items in my purse:

A paper notepad and my faithful earbuds…

My “not-a-pocket-knife” thing (has nail clippers instead of a blade, lolol) and my iPhone cord for connecting it to my computer…

My one concession to vanity–a foldup brush/mirror combo and a D-ring chock full of hair elastics. (Because sometimes, long hair becomes a bothersome mess. LOL)

I spotted this trick on one of those life-hack image things, and after I bought a 3-pack of D-rings for keys at my local Dollar General, I quickly put it into play. VERY handy, not only for elastics, but for all the little things that get lost in a purse so easily!


Now that you’ve glanced into the abyss I call my purse, what do you think? Am I crazy to carry all that stuff with me, or is this just a function of how mobile our lives are today? 🙂

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