Eternal Wealth, Honor and Life

Proverbs 22:4
4 Humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth and honor and life.

At first, this verse can seem contrary to all the traditional human wisdom we know. How can being humble and fearing anyone bring wealth or honor, and least of all life? But the humility and fear described in these verses is the humility of wisdom, and reverence for God.

For instance, when we are wise enough to understand that pride and arrogance will only ruin us in the long term, humility follows as we trust God with the things we know we cannot control. Also, when we have become humble, we are more ready to give God the honor and reverence He deserves, rather than relegating Him to a back-burner position in our lives as we stride on self-sufficiently following our own plans.

But what do humility and reverence have to do with wealth, honor, and life? Well, they have nothing to do with the worldly versions of these things, but rather the eternal/spiritual versions. It isn’t about getting rich, but getting saved; not about worldly honors, but the spiritual honor of heaven; not about physical life, but about eternal life. Humility and reverence, genuinely cultivated in our hearts, bring us closer to God, which is the best wealth, honor, and life we could ever dream of.

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