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Into the Abyss–I Mean My Purse

Like most women, I have a pretty heavy, stuffed purse (some folks have referred to it as “the bowling ball,” lol). But unlike most women (or at least most of the bloggers I’ve seen), I don’t carry a beauty department with me wherever I go.

Of course I have the necessary items–a wallet, for instance…

And I carry a few pencils and keys with me…

But that, y’all, is about as normal as my purse gets. Let me show you 😀

My Purse: A Mishmash of Tech and Survival Kit

This is quite possibly the most important thing in my purse, besides my iPhone (with which I was taking these pictures). This little camera case holds my iPod, its cord, and 3 flash drives which are backups of all the files I have on my computer. (After the hard drive disaster I faced last winter, I will NEVER go without backups again.) So in one case, I have my music for my car, plus all my files if I feel the need to work on something while out and about.

This is the other really important item I have–my little Grid-It organizer, stuffed full of survival items. (Well, maybe not REALLY survival items, but as close as I can get!) I’ve got:

  • a Tide To-Go pen for spills and stains (I need this a lot, lemme tell ya)
  • Advil, Aleve, Advil Migraine, and a couple of prescriptions
  • Neo To Go antibiotic spray for wounds (because I hurt myself accidentally throughout the day)
  • Bobby pins and safety pins (in the Altoids Smalls tin, as seen below:


And of course, any survival kit like this would not be complete without:

Yep, that’s right–I carry Band-Aids, wet wipes, and even a bit of gauze with me in my purse. My friends and I are so accident-prone (well, mostly me :P) that you never know what we’ll need!

Aside from such techie and health-related gear, I’ve also got a few slightly more mundane items in my purse:

A paper notepad and my faithful earbuds…

My “not-a-pocket-knife” thing (has nail clippers instead of a blade, lolol) and my iPhone cord for connecting it to my computer…

My one concession to vanity–a foldup brush/mirror combo and a D-ring chock full of hair elastics. (Because sometimes, long hair becomes a bothersome mess. LOL)

I spotted this trick on one of those life-hack image things, and after I bought a 3-pack of D-rings for keys at my local Dollar General, I quickly put it into play. VERY handy, not only for elastics, but for all the little things that get lost in a purse so easily!


Now that you’ve glanced into the abyss I call my purse, what do you think? Am I crazy to carry all that stuff with me, or is this just a function of how mobile our lives are today? 🙂

Repurposed: Old Shoulder Strap on New Purse

I’m something of a purse aficionado (I write this whilst staring at a mound of empty purses from childhood in my closet…LOL). But, in recent years, I’ve stopped buying tons of different purses, and instead turned my attention toward getting one quality purse that goes with everything.

Up until a few days ago, I was carrying this one, discovered at a TJ Maxx store:

I found it to be a great, perfectly-sized little purse–when it stayed closed. Unfortunately, it had a nasty habit of popping open by itself, at all the most inconvenient times (during rain, while just walking down the street, etc.). The clasp on it was never meant to hold fast against all that I’d stuffed into it, and I had found no way to edit down what I was carrying. So I knew I probably needed to invest in another one that closed more tightly, at some point.

But I’ve always been very picky about purses, and I had liked this purse because it had such a long shoulder strap. I prefer to carry my purses with a long shoulder strap across my body, so I don’t have to hunch my shoulder up to carry it (and so potential thieves can’t take it easily). I knew what I was looking for when I eventually went shopping for a new purse, but I dreaded the process.

When I finally did decide to go hunting for a new purse, though, it didn’t take long before this one caught my eye. It was black leather, simple zip-top style, had tons of room in it, and was on sale. SOLD! 😀 😀 😀

I purchased it and got home with it…and then realized something. There was no long wraparound shoulder strap with this new one, only a short over-the-shoulder strap. I would not be able to carry it as I had been accustomed to doing. 🙁

I realized this as I was just in the middle of transferring all my stuff from the old purse to the new. After a few moments of self-ridicule, I thought, “Well, poot, I’m gonna have to go right back and return this thing!” But just as I was thinking that, my eye fell on the long shoulder strap of the old purse. Specifically, I caught sight of how the long shoulder strap was attached to the old purse.

That’s right; the shoulder strap could be unclasped from the old purse entirely. And since the old purse was black leather, the same as the new, I just unclipped the strap from the old purse, and clipped it onto the strap buckles on the new purse.

I’d really need to model this for you to show how well this works, but since I don’t have anybody to help take pics, this will have to do. I know it looks like a mess of straps, but this actually works a whole lot better–I can carry more without worrying that my purse will pop open unexpectedly, and yet I can still carry it looped cross-body stye for safety and security. This has made life much easier already! And the leather of the old purse’s strap blends in beautifully with the leather on the new purse; it doesn’t look like an add-on, but looks like it was always meant to be there. WOOT!

Just goes to show you: if you buy something that turns out to be not quite what you expected, or doesn’t quite suit your needs, look around your house before returning it. You might find a way to make your purchase work, just with a little repurposing!