Useful Cardstock Crafts

Cardstock isn’t just for decorative little trinkets that are easily crushed anymore. In fact, there are lots of cardstock crafts that actually provide a useful function.

I didn’t believe it for myself, however, until I started investigating. As a sometime crafter, I want crafts that are pretty but useful, because I already have a houseful of useless clutter. (Pack rat? Moi? 😛 )

Thus, when I ran across the following tutorials on cardstock crafting, which resulted in homemade items one could actually use and enjoy, I was pleasantly surprised, and I wanted to share these with you.

Around-The-House Objects

Drink Coasters

Not only can you use printed cardstock to decorate plain square tiles as coasters, but you can make coasters out of cardstock itself! (The just-cardstock coasters are a little flimsy, so perhaps you could make them a little more permanent by building up layers of cardstock together, or attaching the cardstock to a base of cork.)

StyleMePretty: Tile Coaster Tut

CreativeConceptsNYC: Cardstock Coaster Tut

Decorative (Yet Functional) Boxes

Literally tons of “cardstock box” tutorials are out there, so I selected three of the most unique and cute tuts I found. Who knew there were so many uses for random paper scraps and gift cards? You can make boxes to hold small items, as well as small gift boxes, and even a cute storage box for your favorite packets of tea!

No Image
Only Video

Etsy: Cardstock-Scrap Box Tut (video)

Craftypod: Old-Giftcard Box Tut

MelStampz: Teapot Box Tut

CreativityPrompt: Box of Drawers Tut

Other Useful Items

Besides coasters and boxes, you can also make big envelopes, and seed packets for storing seeds or giving them as gifts.

Alenka’s Printables: Seed Packet Tut
No Image
Only Template 4.5″ x 6″ Blank Envelope Template

Special Event Supplies

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on party supplies, especially for paper products, cardstock seems to be the way to go. These creative ideas for napkin rings, party hats, wedding favor bags, and wedding program fans are simple to make and money-saving as well!

No Image
Only Template Blank Wedding Favor Bag Template
No Image
Only Template Napkin Ring Template
No Image
Only Template Party Hat Template Wedding Program Fan Tut

Just For Fun

Sounds strange to be able to make toys and fun things out of cardstock, but you can! The following three tutorials show you how to make models, alphabet blocks, and even 3D glasses out of cardstock. (The cardstock modeling FAQ, in particular, shows you how to make models of buildings, planes, etc. out of cardstock for kids to decorate and play with…or for you to decorate and play with!)

No Image
Only Instructions

CardFAQ: Cardstock Modeling 3D Glasses Tut
No Image
Only Instructions/Template Alphabet Blocks Tut

And Last but Not Least…

Not only can you use cardstock for its own crafts, but you can use cardstock to aid you in other craft-making, like creating templates for tracing and stenciling. Cardstock Templates


Cardstock has so many useful applications around your home, and for all sorts of special events. If you’ve never tried crafting with cardstock, try some of the templates and tutorials I’ve linked to–you may just surprise yourself!

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