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Don’t Forget to Credit Your Design Sources

Sometimes we get all swept up in the process of design and we forget exactly what font we used, where we found those Photoshop brushes, what site Google Images found that picture, etc. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually important to credit other people’s work, especially when their work has made yours possible. Not only does it create good feeling among the creative crowds who make the stuff you use, but it also raises awareness about their work and may draw more interest their way! In webdesign, we’re all helping each other with links, after all!

So, here’s a handy little guide to crediting your design sources (and adding credits where none were before):

Properly Crediting Design Sources to Begin With

  • As you find brushes, fonts, graphics, photos, etc., copy-paste the URLs of each site where you found them. Also note the creator’s name, if provided, and their personal work’s website (if different from the source link).
  • Place your credits either at the bottom of each page of your site, or on a separate page (this option works great for longer lists of credits).
  • Your list doesn’t have to be super-organized or stiffly written. A simple, casual format like this could work: “I used brushes made by This Girl (WebsiteA.com), found the image by This Girl over at WebsiteB.com, and used This Cool Font, made by This Guy (WebsiteC.com).” (Just make sure you include the links somewhere in that text!)

Fixing or Adding Credits

  • Check through your files to see if you saved the Readme documents for your downloaded font or brush. Most creators will include at least a little something that can help you credit your source correctly.
  • If you don’t remember where you got your brush or image, try doing as specific a Google search as you can for it, and comb through all the sites you usually visit for visual design resources. It may be time-consuming, but it’ll be worth it!
  • If you just can’t remember or decipher what font you used on a design (been there done that), give the WhatTheFont tool a try. Though the process is a little more involved, it’s always been accurate whenever I’ve used it!
  • If all else fails and you are clueless as to where one of your design elements came from, put a line in your credits like this: “Apologies, but I have no idea where I downloaded this font/brush/image; if this is your work, please contact me and I will gladly put up your link.” Be honest, and you might just make a new design friend!

Helpful Sites for the Budding Musician

With almost everything in life being so digital these days, it’s no wonder music rides the cyberwaves as much as it does. But there’s a huge (and I mean HUGE) gulf of difference between buying music online and creating it for others to enjoy. The online world of music creation and promotion is a broad horizon indeed…so broad, sometimes, that it’s hard to know where to begin!

Whether you prefer toying around with music in your Web browser or seriously crafting and promoting it, there are plenty of websites out there which can help you along. Here, in the following sorted lists, are the best I’ve found:

Musical Games

Carol Maker
Music Mixer
VirtualMusicalInstruments.com (try out different instruments’ sounds)
Sound Factory
A Break in the Road (this one lets you put in your own recorded sounds!)
Isle of Tune (build a city that makes music as the cars drive around…you’ll just have to see it for yourself!)

Learn How to Make Better Music

Serious-Sounds.net (especially for people who make electronic music)
Production Advice (for learning how to master your recordings so they sound their best)
What Makes “Good” Music? (thoughtful essay on making good music)
How to Write a Song @ WikiHow

Online Tools/Sites for Musicians

Scalerator (along with the Chorderator, Chord Designer, and Guitarator Toolbox :D)
BandCamp (host your music)
SoundCloud (share your music)
TheSixtyOne (share your music AND network with other artists!)
8notes.com (online metronome, blank sheet music, MIDI converters, and more!)

Create Music

JamStudio (newbie-friendly)

Also, I have a roundup of free downloadable music-creation software in this blog post.

Make an Official Website for Yourself/Your Band


Performing and Selling Your Music

GigMasters (find places to perform and get paid!)
SonicBids (connecting bands and promoters)
CDBaby (CD-making service)

For Further Reading

Check out Mashable’s list of online music sites for even more musical websites!

Struggling Writer? Here Are Sites That Can Help!

Writing can often feel suspiciously like banging your head against a wall of your own thoughts–thoughts which are unhelpful and keep getting in the way of real creative work. And when you’re struggling through a rough patch of writing, it can feel as if you’re the only writer who has ever gotten stuck like this.

Well, believe me, the Internet is full of writers who have all been there. And what’s more, plenty of them have made websites to help their fellow writers get un-stuck and back on the road to a finished work. See the following sorted list to get restarted on your own writing journey!

Social Networks for Writers


Grammar, Style, and Structure Help

Grammarphobia Blog
Chicago Manual of Style
Banned for Life (about overused cliches)
The Phrase Finder
Grammar Girl
The Word Detective

Fun Online Writing Exercises and Tools

Language is a Virus
Fifteen Minutes of Fiction
Libroville (make your own writing website in minutes)

Helpful Articles about the Writing Process

Daily Writing Tips
The Writing Corner

Contests and Getting Published

Winning Writers