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An Unexpected Font Resource: Pinterest

Most of the time, Pinterest is a happy mish-mash of clothing, wedding planning, gadgetry, home decor, and humor. But, as I recently discovered, there are also pinners sharing their favorite fonts–it’s a fairly well-hidden resource for not only the crafters and bloggers among us, but for us webdesigners, too!

Below is a selection of free fonts I’ve discovered through Pinterest thus far:


Font Download Links

Angel Tears
Bergamot Ornaments
Border Corners 2
Castro Script
Doris Day
Janda Stylish Script
Josefin Slab
Monterey BT
Nevis Bold
Peoni Patterns
Petit Formal Script
Print Clearly
Rainfall Black
St Marie
Wendy Doodles

Want to find more fonts? Check out my Pinterest font board, “Fontalicious!”

The “Virtual Museum:” GoogleArtProject.com

Ever wanted to visit all the world’s museums and art collections just to view all those amazing artworks? Well, you’ll definitely want to check out one of Google’s newest projects: GoogleArtProject.com.

When you land on the website, a random artwork will be displayed as the background–you can mouse over this image to see more detailed information, and click through to see more pictures by the artist, more artwork from the collection, etc. (Click and drag on the image to see a small portion of the artwork in more detail!)

Down toward the bottom of the page, you can see a ticker full of recently-added collections going by–this is a great way to stay updated!

If a collection intrigues you, you can click its title and go straight to its specific page, seeing all the images housed together within easy viewing reach.

Or, if you’d like to see the full list of available collections to view, you can browse by the “Collections” tab at the top left.

Browsing the “Artists” tab (second tab from the left) brings up an alphabetical click-through list, so you can go right to the artist you’re searching for. (This would be great for art history research!)

And most certainly, if you just want to take in some gorgeous, thought-provoking art, you can browse by “Artworks” and see a randomized assortment of beauty.

You can also browse user galleries, and you can sign in to Google and make your own gallery, too.. (There are not a whole lot of user galleries quite yet, but you can change that 😉 ) All in all, this is a great Internet tool for discovering, appreciating, and studying art–well worth a visit (or 100!)