Your New Favorite Support Piece: The Mystical Elf

As part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix set, there’s one figure you’ll definitely want if you enjoy strong Support pieces. Let me tell you about Mystical Elf!

Image credit: HeroClixWorld

How to Play Mystical Elf

This little lady is meant to be played close to her teammates so that Mystical Healing can go off and so she can more effectively use Prob and Support. As for defending herself, her Barrier, Phasing, and Willpower make her hard to target and pin down for long. Her 8 move, 10 attack and fairly high defenses most of the way down (including that fantastic 19 on last click) are good enough stats to ensure that she’ll be sticking around for a good portion of the game at least. All this for 50 points–not bad!

Additional Functionality: The Trap/Spell Mechanic

Notice the “Trap/Spell,” “Graceful Dice,” and “Skull Dice” rules–these can be used on another friendly Yu-Gi-Oh! character to enhance Mystical Elf’s usefulness even more. Whenever she would be defeated, you can instead turn her into a Spell or Trap card as described. (Skull Dice would be a nasty surprise for your opponent if you’re playing against a beatstick team, and Graceful Dice would be an excellent boost for a character who needs Prob.)

Also, you can include her dial facedown at the beginning of the game for 7 points if you don’t have room for 50 points or don’t want to use her Support characteristics. Just choose your friendly Yu-Gi-Oh! character and set the dial facedown on their card, and you’re ready to play!

Final Note: Trap/Spell Legality

Whether Trap/Spell functionality is legal in standard Golden Age games is hotly debated on HCRealms at the moment, but both an official judge and a forum moderator have said that individual venues can house-rule this to be legal or not. Just ask your local HeroClix judge whether they allow Traps/Spells before building your team for standard Golden Age events–if they say no, you can always play Mystical Elf as a regular Clix piece and get most of the benefit. She’s versatile!

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