Mind-Blowing Theories, Polite Cat, Sheep LED Art, and Japanese IQ Test

10 Mind-Blowing Theories that will Change Your Perception of the World
Multiverses. Fictional realities. The idea that the only thing you can prove exists is your own consciousness. The question of what happens to things when we are not aware of them. This mind-twisting article presents all these concepts and more…

Polite Cat wants to be left alone (video)
LOL! I love that the kitty even reaches to cover the camera lens at one point, like a celebrity fending off paparazzi!

Extreme Sheep LED Art (video)
…These sheep farmers were BORED, is all I can say. Watch to see how they make art with a herd of living sheep, a couple of sheepdogs, and a BUNCH Of LED lights. (And I mean a BUNCH. WOW.)

Japanese IQ Test (Flash game)
This test is supposedly given to Japanese job applicants before hiring. Man, I’d be permanently unemployed over there… :/

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