Plains and Forests Unite, part 2: Modifications

Last week, I showed my Plains and Forests deck, naming the combos and synergies I had within the deck already. This week, I’m tackling some modifications I could make to this cool little deck–and some which I already have!

Research, then Proxy City

I did quite a bit of research on White/Green multicolored cards, using Gatherer‘s advanced search, and came up with a short list of interesting cards which I might want to fit into the deck. From those, I narrowed it down to three cards I definitely wanted to fit into the deck:

wiltleafliege Wilt-Leaf Liege is a great card just for pumping up Selesnya creatures’ P/T, but it also has a surprising defense against being discarded from your hand by another player–you can put it straight into play instead! Plus, you can’t beat a 4/4 for 4 mana, especially hybrid mana.
trostani As well as being a walking Angelic Chorus (yay life-gain), Trostani also serves to help produce creature tokens. This ability doesn’t help my deck very much at the moment, but I like her P/T–she’s a 2/5 for 4 mana, and the mana cost is balanced enough for my current mana curve. (And she’s a Dryad! <3)
messengerfalcons Because this deck needs some more flying defense and card draw, I included Messenger Falcons. (Added bonus: Knight of New Alara‘s ability gives the Falcons +3+3, because part of its casting cost is Blue!

What I Took Out

Since I’m running a 60-card deck and want to keep it that way, I had to take out three cards from my deck:

  • Chrome Mox (because it’s always a dead card in my hand–I hate removing a card from my hand for mana, even if I can’t play it right then)
  • Safehold Duo (never gets to trigger more often than +1/+1 or possibly +2/+2 if I’m lucky)
  • Oversoul of Dusk (it’s a big stompy creature with good protections and 5/5 P/T, but…that’s about it…?)

Other Possibilities I’ve Thought About

  • Barkshell Blessing – nice boost for 1 hybrid mana, but it’s only temporary
  • Call of the Conclave – gets a creature token out–might still be useful with Trostani if I so choose
  • Voice of Resurgence – this would be SO silly with a creature token deck, but I’m not sure I want to go that direction
  • Armadillo Cloak – would be AWESOME in this deck, just can’t figure out what to replace
  • Congregation at Dawn – like Eladamri’s Call x 3, but it doesn’t pull the creature to hand
  • Ranger en-Vec – nice first strike for Selesnya, but that’s about it
  • Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers – vigilance and bigger P/T, but that’s about it
  • Ancient Spider – good, but a bit too expensive for flying defense
  • Bronzebeak Moa – runs into same problem as Safehold Duo
  • Heartmender – would be great for Kitchen Finks, but ONLY Kitchen Finks
  • Horned Cheetah – for Green/White, there is better for cheaper
  • Mystic Enforcer – works directly against Wheel of Sun and Moon, which is not going ANYWHERE
  • Juniper Order Ranger – again, like Safehold Duo, it works IF you can play creatures reliably
  • Sigarda, Host of Herons – YAY for Green/White Angel, but it doesn’t QUITE fit this deck yet.
  • Collective Blessing – it’s Glorious Anthem/Gaea’s Anthem x3, but you have to wait 6 turns…
  • Risen Sanctuary – it’s a big creature, with vigilance. That is all.

Results of These Modifications: Next Time!

In the next post about this deck (which will not appear for a couple of weeks, since I need to test these changes), I will recount how these modifications have either helped or hindered the deck’s performance. Were my instincts about these cards right, or did I only hamstring myself? Stay tuned!

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