Plains and Forests Unite, part 1: The Decklist

Plains and Forests Unite!, one of my decks on EssentialMagic

I built this deck a couple of years ago, after I had reevaluated a couple of my multicolor decks and realized they needed to be mono-color. Out came the White and hybrid spells from my Elvish Piper deck, which then became mono-Green; out came the Green and hybrid spells from my Windborn Muse deck, which then became mono-White.

These hybrid spells, combined with other Green and White bits of my collection, became the “Plains and Forests Unite!” deck. The main philosophy? White’s life-gain meets Green’s might–a common theme for the Selesnya guild and for Green/White in general.

Combos and Synergies

dawnglowinfusion boonreflection
This combo is hilarious–Dawnglow Infusion allows me to gain double the life for the mana that was spent, and then Boon Reflection doubles that again!
wheelofsunandmoon safewrightquest
With Safewright Quest for land fetch and Wheel of Sun and Moon helping to keep spells rotating through the deck, I’m just about guaranteed to stay up on land counts.
knightofnewalara bantsureblade
Bant Sureblade gets bonuses for other multicolored creatures being in play; Knight of New Alara gives Bant Sureblade an additional +3/+3 (because Blue is also in its casting cost)!
wheelofsunandmoon eladamriscall
I love this little combo for being able to pull whatever creature I like to my hand, many times over!
grizzledleotau shieldoftheoversoul
Putting the Shield on Grizzled Leotau = indestructible flying blocker cat. (This is an LOLcat waiting to happen)

Other Cards I Love Using in This Deck

loamlion oversoulofdusk
qasaliambusher watchwolf
kitchenfinks safeholdduo
sigilofthenayangods chromemox
sungrassprairie templegarden


Any Changes I’d Make?

Since I haven’t kept up with new developments in White/Green, I need to research to find out if there are any new creatures I’d swap into this deck.

…And that, my friends, is where we’ll pick up next week, with some epic new research into the Selesnya guild and White/Green in general. 😀 Stay tuned!

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