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geekyposh_side Interested in beauty products? How about home decor? Geeky products and articles more your speed, or do you like to read about pets? How about the occasional post on the Christian life?

If any or all of these subjects strike your fancy, then I recommend as a blog you’ll want to add to your reading list. Run and written by the awesome Jenny, GeekyPosh is like a website version of a super-cool older sister, who is always on the cutting edge of both style and functionality.

Not only that, but Jenny also has written some pretty cool life posts as well; I enjoy her posts about her cats and about her faith, because they make her blog feel more personal and heartfelt. And with just about every article, she includes lots of pictures, making her writing at once more informative and more attractive to the casual viewer. (I could learn quite a lot from that strategy… :D)

I promise Jenny hasn’t paid me to say any of this–I just admire her work and thought more people should know about her blog, since she’s a fellow freelance webdesigner and developer. Go visit! 🙂

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