How Webdesigning is Like Writing and Music

Since I both write music and literature outside of doing webdesign, I’ve found that the three activities are more similar than one might think otherwise. After all, they all activate my creativity, just in different ways; I play and design with pixels just like I do with notes and words.

So, here’s a little tongue-in-cheek webdesign philosophy for your Monday morning:

How is Webdesigning Like Writing?

  • Choosing just the right word for a description is like aligning each image pixel-perfectly on the screen.
  • In both writing and webdesign, the creator believes he or she has complete control over the final product, especially if working independently.
  • Both writers and webdesigners have the tendency to obsess over little details that nobody will actually notice.
  • Finding a missed typo in your writing is like finding a missed ending tag in your code–very annoying!

How is Webdesigning Like Music?

  • Little mistakes, whether in a browser or in performance, are rarely noticed by the audience.
  • Every musical performance is different, just like every Web browser renders a webpage a little differently.
  • What a listener gets out of a piece of music depends on his or her perspective and outlook on life; what a user gets out of a webpage depends on what browser and screen resolution he or she is using.
  • In both music and webdesign, no matter how many parts/harmony lines go into making it, it all renders as one beautiful whole to the audience.

Can you think of other ways that webdesign is like these art forms? What about other art forms (dance, visual art, etc.)? Leave me your thoughts in the comments! 😀

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