Best Teacher Ever, Someone’s “I Want” List, What Comic Sans Means, and Schoolr

Best Teacher I Ever Had
Hilarious anecdote about an inventive science teacher, who used the cattywampus to illustrate a great point about education.

More Random Stuff I Don’t Need but Kinda Want
What do a completely transparent-plastic chair, a set of ice trays that make the alphabet, and a Tetris mirror have in common? This blog post, of things the author wants but doesn’t need. Don’t we all have one of these lists lying about? 🙂

Fonts’ True Meanings
Keep in mind, the fonts you use in your communications really DO have another, hidden meaning, as detailed in this handy (and funny) chart.

Search all kinds of academic databases at once on this Internet-circa-1999-designed site. Don’t let the design fool you–it’s still quite current. Great for speeding up research time for papers!

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