The Creative Personality, Banned Toys, ’90s Gaming, and Writing Generators

The Creative Personality
What defines the creative person, in the way they conduct their lives, think about situations, and express themselves. Very insightful!

Banned Toys and Games
A list of 5 toys and games that were yanked from shelves because of dangers or bad design. Was surprised to see Slip ‘n Slide in this list–but then again, I was never very good at slipping ‘n sliding anyway. XD

Online Gaming in the ’90s
According to the author of this (ROFL-worthy) image: “Everytime I hear people complain about online gaming, I wish they could experience my pain of online gaming in the 90’s…”’s Writing Games
A website with many different tools for writers who are hopelessly stuck in writer’s block. From the Sentence Tree to the Poetry Gyroscope, from the Poem Collage to the Sentence Builder, there’s fun tools for just about every writer of every type of written word!

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