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The Pollenmobile: Spring’s Practical Joke on Us

You can tell it’s spring here in the South when my normally-blue car gets a nice yellow-green coating on it. (Living in the midst of trees and blooming flowers as we do, it’s par for the course.)

It usually does no good to rinse your car off in these blooming spring days, either–a few hours to a day later, the yellow sheen is back. I have even taken to calling my car the “Pollenmobile” recently, since the bees seem to like my car even more than the flowers. (Case in point: at a long stoplight in town the other day, a few wasps and bees visited my side mirrors and the hood of my car…they had a grand old time crawling around in the yellow dust.)

But as yellow-green as my car has looked recently, it doesn’t even hold a candle to these lovely depictions I’ve found all over the Internet. Take a look at some of these pollenmobiles, and feel better about your own car this spring!




Yarns, Etc.

Environmental Graffiti

Environmental Graffiti


Warmer Temps, Warmer Mood


It’s amazing how much the coming of spring affects my mood. Even though I know I’ll hate the hot weather when it arrives (usually in late April for us North Carolinians), I can’t help but enjoy the warmer breezes, sunnier days, and slowly leafing and budding plants. It feels like something in my spirit unfreezes–something unfurls and reaches for that first touch of sunlight that bears real warmth.

Could this be Seasonal Affective Disorder? Maybe. But maybe I’m just a springtime creature, reveling in the earth coming back to vibrant life after a long winter of icy weather and a dull outdoor color palette of browns, whites, and grays. When the woods around our house begin to yawn and stretch with birdsong and warm sun rays every year, I awaken with it, and wear my short-sleeved shirts with abandon (and without a coat). Soon, spring will bring waves of pollen blowing into our faces, and later it will leave us with humidity that won’t let even the least bit of sweat evaporate, but till then I will enjoy little buds of color slowly appearing on every bare branch, and the first brave green sprouts dappling across the front yard.