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Morning and Night Hours (According to a Night Owl)

Most early birds don’t understand night owls, and vice versa–but the world’s schedules run more on early birds’ internal clocks. If you’re not up by 6:00 AM, you’re judged as “lazy,” and if you’re up past 10:00 or 11:00, you’re just plain “crazy.” Never mind that some folks just run on a different clock! 😛

So, to help y’all early birds understand the night and morning hours of a day from a night owl’s perspective, I’ve compiled this handy chart from my own personal experience. Read on, to find out how we night owls use time differently (and view mornings differently as a result)! (And fellow night owls, let me know how accurate this chart is–this is from my own personal experience :D)



*Note about 10:00 AM: I’ve noticed that if I try to sleep past 10:00 AM, I end up with horrible nightmares more often than not. Do any other night owls experience nightmares after a certain time in the day?