Too Tired to Think Straight: The “Tired Derp”

As a person who usually fights sleep for hours before finally closing her eyes, I’m one of the world’s worst at actually understanding when I actually need to sleep. Thus, sometimes I end up saying and doing some pretty silly things in my super-tired state, which I like to refer to as “Tired Derps.” Here’s a few gems from my experiences:

  • Walking all the way to a building on my college campus, only to find out when I got there that not only was I at the wrong building, I was trying to go to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class on a Tuesday. (Remember, kids, staying up all night to finish a paper can sometimes make you a little crazy!)
  • Taking off my glasses for the night, but putting them in my purse instead of on my bedside table as usual. (You can imagine the frantic flurry of searching the next morning!)
  • Experiencing temporary dyslexia by reversing a couple of letters in a street name I was supposed to find. (Needless to say, I figured out my mistake pretty quickly.)
  • Trying over and over again to type the word “infinite,” but constantly spelling it “inflinite”, “infinatie”, etc. (Did that while assembling yesterday’s post! LOL)
  • Forgetting that a restaurant was only in Shelby, NC, and driving all the way to Forest City, NC (30 minutes in the other direction) before realizing my mistake. (SUPER herp derp!)
  • Waking up from a 3-hour night’s sleep and not remembering who I was or why I had to get up at such an ungodly hour. (I did remember after about 3 or 4 minutes of concentration, LOL)
  • Driving home, only to miss the turn-in to my driveway by almost exactly a mile. (…How?! ROFL)
  • Hurrying out the door to Sunday school, only to realize that I forgot my keys…ran in, got my keys, left my purse; ran back in, got my purse, left my Sunday school book. (Scatterbrained much? Haha)

Have You Ever Had a “Tired Derp?”

Do you have a funny “Tired Derp” experience? Share it in the comments!

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