Awesome 1-Mana Creatures, part 2: Blue

To continue the list of awesome 1-mana creatures from last week, I’ve searched through Blue and found its awesome 1-drop creatures. Blue’s 1-drops are more like precision tools rather than combat machines–they are more likely to provide a service, like milling the opponent, changing their land types, countering spells, or drawing/ditching cards. (There are a few good combat-ready creatures hiding in these ranks, however!)

As always, let me know if I’ve missed a good Blue 1-drop in this list! All card images came from

An old favorite–1 mana for an 0/2 flying blocker, with 2 great creature types for later P/T boosting.
A milling machine you can play on first turn! (Use this and Hedron Crab together and you’re set!)
1/1 flying, but with Evolve so it can get bigger later on!
Great for those moments when your opponent is utterly tapped out and cannot pay more for their combo piece.
Sack one of your “comes-into-play-effect” creatures for a quick ditch-and-draw!
A different flavor of mill action, punishing the opponent for playing blue spells. Sneaky!
The level-up ability gives this creature mid-game functionality as well as early-game help.
Give all your Slivers flying for 1 blue mana? WHY NOT!
1/1 islandwalk for the win.
This little guy helps fix your mana in a multi-color deck!
Draw-and-ditch is a great mechanic to pull off for 1 blue mana.
One of the best mill creatures out there right now…quite lethal!
Mill your opponent enough and this guy gets HUGE…but until then, he’s a 1/1 flying for 1, which isn’t bad!
A flying, hybrid version of Cursecatcher!
A 0/4 for 1? AWESOME! (Then again, I do like creatures with big toughnesses for low cost…)
A blue creature with the option of flight…because sometimes, you might not want to have your creatures fly all the time. (Hurricane, anyone?)
GREAT way to keep that final combo piece from hitting the table!
Islandwalk plus the ability to peek at an opponent’s hand.
“Comes-into-play” mill = awesome.
Blue gets a 1/1 flying defender creature, with Wither added from Black!
A potent little mana fixer, great for multi-color decks.
You can hit either your own lands or your opponent’s lands with this guy…give somebody a completely useless land for a turn, or help yourself out.
Dig up that artifact one more time for added flavor–uh, utility!
Peeking at an opponent’s library every turn? Sounds good to me!
AWESOME little guy–helps you get the cards you need to the top of your deck.
For those times when you need to draw more than you need another 1/1 creature on the field…
Make all Slivers on the field into milling machines. This could be a masterstroke or a huge backfire…LOL
The 1/1 Hexproof (with the help of Green) is a nice touch for Blue.
Tidal Warrior: an old-school way to help out your Islandwalkers.
Getting a larger hand size for 1 mana is great, and you can always bounce those “come-into-play-effect” creatures for extra oomph!
Simple 1/1 flier, with added danger from the Faerie creature type.

7 thoughts on “Awesome 1-Mana Creatures, part 2: Blue”

  1. A couple typos: Oona’s Gatewarden is a 2/1, but you say 1/1, and Cloudfin Raptor is a 0/1, and you again say 1/1.

    Now, a few suggestions:
    Mist-Cloaked Herald and Triton Shorestalker: Pretty similar to the above suggestion of Slither Blade, for redundancy’s sake.
    Delver of Secrets: Debatably one of the best blue one drops. In a deck with lots of spells, you can be attacking with a 3/2 on turn two!
    Dakra Mystic: More mill-ish stuff, but can also draw you cards
    Embodiment of Spring is good ramp for U/G, and finally, Vortex Elemental could be useful.

  2. Just thought id mention a small mistake I have seen: Cathartic Adept can’t mill on first turn due to Summoning Sickness.
    Hope that helps in some way!
    Excellent list by the way, has helped me more than once!

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