Glasses Off: 4 Entertaining Online Gaming/Gaming News Sites

If you’re gaming more through your computer these days (and who isn’t? LOL), there are literally thousands of sites which cater to our needs. Games of all flavors, whether single-player Flash games or multi-player server-based games, exist to entertain us–and, as you’ll see below, all sorts of gaming news sites have popped up to tell us about new games we’d like to play, too. Here are four I really like:

Flash games, Flash games everywhere…

Creative games and online timewaster toys abound on this awesome little site.
This site is the online home of the free-to-play Marvel Comics-based MMO, available through Steam as well as downloadable through this website itself. (I still miss City of Heroes, but this game helps fill in the void some.)

Any kind of gaming news you could want is probably already profiled at Massively…they seriously cover just about everything.

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