Taking the Crooked Glasses Off for 2 Weeks

I will not be posting full-length articles for the next two weeks, partly due to the hugely busy Christmas performance season I’m heading into, and partly because my brain seriously needs a vacation (LOL). I have been blogging 6 days a week nonstop since late January 2011, and so I need a couple of weeks to recharge my blogging batteries and come back stronger (and more rested) than ever.

However, there will still be short posts appearing throughout this break; I’ll basically be doing link posts, like I do on Fridays, for each day until the two-week break is finished. This way, it’s not just blank space for 12 days, but actual useful posts.

Other things I hope to accomplish over this blog-post break:

  • Finally finishing and uploading Crooked Glasses’ new, mobile-friendly theme
  • Reviewing and revising older articles
  • Improving the Archive page so that it’s easier to browse through

Make sure you keep up with Crooked Glasses via its Facebook page and its Twitter account. Both will be updated with revised older posts and other site announcements!

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