My Favorite Video Game Music

Loving both video games and music as I do, the genre of video game music has drawn me since I was a child. Over the years, I’ve found that many video game tunes have stayed with me and become part of my music collection; music from video games has also been a way to bond with fellow players as we share about which music we like.

Today, I present to you my collection thus far, retrieved in the form of Youtube videos arranged alphabetically by series (with a small miscellaneous game section at the end). Click through and enjoy!

(Currently, I have music from these game series: Animal Crossing, Beatmania, Castlevania, Chrono Cross, DDR, Digital Devil Saga, Everybody Loves Katamari, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario. I know there’s plenty of other great video game music out there, but these are most of the ones from my collection so far 😀 )

Animal Crossing Series

K.K. Bossa – Animal Crossing for Gamecube

Marine Song 2001 – Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Neapolitan – Animal Crossing: Wild World!

The Roost – Animal Crossing: Wild World!

Beatmania & DDR Series

Sphere (Tatsh feat. K. Nayuki) – Beatmania IIDX

XEPHER (from Beatmania or DDR? No one can agree; I saw this–or a version of it–played on a DDR game)

The Legend of Max – DDR Extreme

MAX FOREVER – Flash Flash Revolution

Sakura – DDR Extreme 2

Can’t Stop Fallin’ in Love – DDR 5thMix

Exotic Ethnic – DDR 6thMix

Butterfly – DDR 3rdMix

Chrono Cross Series

The Girl who Stole the Stars – Chrono Cross

The Girl who Stole the Stars (amazing live musicians cover)

Radical Dreamers – Chrono Cross

Time’s Scar – Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy Series

Battle with the Four Fiends – FF4

Cosmo Canyon – FF7

Gold Saucer – FF7

Looking… (this is called Ahead on Our Way here) – FF7

Main FFVII Theme

On the Other Side of the Mountain – FF7

Aerith’s Theme – FF7: Advent Children

Suteki Da Ne – FF9

Not Alone – FF9

Terra – FF9

To Zanarkand – FFX

To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy Orchestra (AMAZING :D)

Hymn of Fayth – FFX

1000 Words – FFX-2

Super Mario Series

Water World Theme – Super Mario 64

Wing Cap Theme – Super Mario 64

Star Cove Theme (Cosmic Cove Galaxy Theme) – Super Mario Galaxy

First Battle with Smithy – Super Mario RPG

Forest Maze – Super Mario RPG

Second Battle with Smithy – Super Mario RPG

SMRPG Boss Battle

SMRPG Ending

Other Game Series Music

Bloody Tears (Piano Arrangement) – Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (Rey Tang, pianist)

Divine Identity – Digital Devil Saga

Blue Orb – Everybody Loves Katamari

Disco Star Prince – Everybody Loves Katamari

Wind’s Nocturne – Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

The Forest of Hope – Pikmin

Still Alive – Portal: The Orange Box

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