“Well, It’s Fixed, Ain’t It?” Crazy and Hilarious Repairs

The Internet is chock-full of people repurposing items…but the people responsible for the following set of pictures took “repurposing” to a new level. Repairing various items with only the tools and materials on-hand sounds like an admirable, MacGyver-esque task, but sometimes, the results are less than professional and more than a little crazy.

Each of these pictures features a “kludge” (a funny/crazy repair of this sort)…scroll down and get ready to laugh and/or be amazed!

Well, it does the job well enough, I guess…

I dunno about you, but I think I’d just knock.

When you don’t have an oven or a microwave…use a space heater!

Replace the headlamp, you say?…NAAAAH!

This coffeemaker’s lid has been pried open, the filter looks like repurposed paper, and the coffeepot doesn’t even fit under the spout. This is about as kludgey as it gets.

Well, the good news is that their new soft-top (soft-tarp?) kinda matches the car paint…

When you REALLY don’t want anybody getting into (or out of) the house.

All’s well until those chains break and send kids hurtling away like rockets!

No, no, I meant put the hangers on the CLOTHES rack, not the OVEN rack!

This looks like an engine fire waiting to happen.

I don’t think the child safety belts will reach out the back that far.

Good news: this car is now road-trip-ready. Bad news: no more seeing out the back window.

I’ve heard of using duct tape for everything, but using the whole ROLL on ONE thing? LOL

Well, I guess this kinda covers the hole in the road. Sorta.

When you absolutely NEED a fan pointed in a certain direction, at a certain height…

Not sure whether this guy was trying for a super-cool spoiler or a radio antenna with better range.

I love how most of it is wrapped around with yellow electrical tape, as if that makes it 100% safer.

It’s a Frankencar!

So, someone is familiar with the Internet, but not tile repair.

Of all the chairs to put in a vehicle, they chose an uncomfortable-as-all-get-out plastic school chair?

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