I Called It! HeroClix Gets a Pink Power Color

Back in June 2012, I wrote about ideas for introducing pink as a new HeroClix powers and abilities color. Well, as of a few weeks ago on HCRealms, the new 2013 Rules and PAC (Powers and Abilities Card) was revealed. Apparently, someone at Wizkids was on the same wavelength as me–future figures will have pink as an available power color.

Pink Powers and Abilities

Quoted from the official forum post:

Pink Speed Sidestep: Give this character a free action; it can move with a locked speed value of 2.
Pink Attack Precision Strike: When this character makes an attack, it can’t be evaded, and the damage dealt can’t be reduced below 1 or transferred.
Pink Defense Invincible: Half of damage dealt to this character is ignored. (Note that the rules state you can only apply one game effect that reduces or ignores damage, so Invincible does not combine with damage reducers)
Pink Damage Empower: When an adjacent friendly character makes a close combat attack, this character modifies that adjacent friendly character’s damage value by +1.

What Does This Addition Mean for the Game?

With four new standard powers available for all future HeroClix figures, I believe this will help the game’s standard powers better reflect superheroic abilities from the comics. I can easily see a Batman or Robin figure with Sidestep, for instance, or an Iron Man with Invincible.

Furthermore, all these new abilities even out the strength of others. For example, I can make great use of a figure with Precision Strike–finally, the game has an answer to Shapechange, Super Senses, AND Mastermind, which isn’t Outwit! And I love the fact that adjacent close combat characters will finally be able to enjoy the same damage-boosting benefits that adjacent ranged characters have had for so long; this makes the close-combat game a lot more playable.

Of course, opinions are divided on this newest addition to the Standard Powers and Abilities (see the “Pink Powers? This will ruin Heroclix” thread on HCRealms). Personally, I think we will all be a little more reconciled to the idea when the first truly kick-butt figure with any pink power is released–I think seeing a highly-valuable figure with these powers will make it “official,” more so than this announcement does.

What’s Your Take on the New Pink Powers?

Tell me about it in the comments!

More Info

“2013 Rules and PAC are up” HCRealms thread

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