Never Ask “What’s That M:TG Set Symbol?” Again!

Over the last few years, Magic: the Gathering has released many official sets–but those are not their only products. In fact, there have also been quite a few special collections, such as the Duel Decks, the From The Vault collections, and the Premium Deck series. Plus, there have been new formats introduced, such as Commander and Archenemy.

All of these mentioned products have their own set symbols, and that leads to quite a bit of confusion for both M:TG newbies and veterans. I’ve heard quite a few M:TG players trying to figure out these rarer symbols, and I’ve been a little bewildered by it all as well. Finally I decided to compile a reference article about it, to help us all learn these special symbols. (I’ve covered only the last three years in Magic, to cover as many “new cards” and “new sets” as possible in a short article.)

Special Collections for New Formats

Set Symbol Set Name Release Date
archenemy Archenemy June 2010
commander Commander June 2011
commandersarsenal Commander’s Arsenal November 2012

Duel Decks

Set Symbol Set Name Release Date
phyrexiavscoalition Phyrexia vs. The Coalition March 2010
elspethvstezzeret Elspeth vs. Tezzeret September 2010
knightsvsdragons Knights vs. Dragons April 2011
ajanivsnicolbolas Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas September 2011
venservskoth Venser vs. Koth March 2012
izzetvsgolgari Izzet vs. Golgari September 2012
sorinvstibalt Sorin vs. Tibalt March 2013
heroesvsmonsters Heroes vs. Monsters September 2013

Premium Deck Series

Set Symbol Set Name Release Date
fireandlightning Fire & Lightning November 2010
premiumdeck_graveborn Graveborn November 2011

From the Vault Collections

Set Symbol Set Name Release Date
ftv_relics From the Vault: Relics August 2010
ftv_legends From the Vault: Legends August 2011
ftv_realms From the Vault: Realms August 2012
ftv_twenty From the Vault: Twenty August 2013

Expansion Sets

Set Symbol Set Name Release Date
scarsofmirrodin Scars of Mirrodin October 2010
mirrodinbesieged Mirrodin Besieged February 2011
newphyrexia New Phyrexia May 2011
innistrad Innistrad September 2011
darkascension Dark Ascension February 2012
avacynrestored Avacyn Restored May 2012
returntoravnica Return to Ravnica October 2012
gatecrash Gatecrash February 2013
dragonsmaze Dragon’s Maze May 2013

(All the preceding symbols were retrieved from the MTG Salvation Wiki, an excellent resource for set symbols and tons more M:TG information.)

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