Storing My Magic Decks: A New Idea

Since my huge closet reorganization this past fall, I’ve been able to store most of my gaming collection in the closet, up out of the way of foot traffic and mishaps. But, for some odd reason, my Magic decks hadn’t made it onto the “gaming shelf” in my closet yet, and they were still rather vulnerable to being lost or damaged (more from me tripping over the briefcase than anything, lol).

This is how I had been storing my Magic deck boxes–I used to carry them to my local gaming shop in this giant silvery-metal briefcase, and they just kinda stayed in there when I wasn’t actively playing with them. The problem? This case was WAY too heavy to put on a closet shelf without bending or breaking it.

So, after a little thinking outside the box (literally), I remembered I had a three-drawer plastic organizer I bought a couple of years ago, which was as of the moment unused due to purging the items that had been stored within. (Walmart carries them.)

I eyeballed its overall measurements (it’s about 13 inches wide and about 10 inches high) and the depth of the drawers (about 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep). It seemed like it would work for holding my Magic decks. And this way, I could organize them by type as well, putting my tribal creature decks in one drawer, my combo decks in another, etc.

Hauling my MTG briefcase into the room, I began to organize. A few minutes later, this was the result:

The top drawer ended up being my tribal- and creature-based decks, the middle drawer became my combo deck drawer, and the bottom drawer held some overspill from the creature deck drawer. (LOL, I have a “few” creature decks…)

The two deck boxes sitting on top of the organizer were too big for the drawers–one is a larger-than-normal UltraPro MTG box, and the other is one of those deck boxes with a belt clip on the back (plus, it’s a huge box to begin with). All the other normal-MTG-size UltraPro boxes fit into the drawers just fine, lying on their broad sides.

With that finished, all that remained to do was to put the little drawer system into the closet, beside the rest of my gaming stuff, like so:

Now I can access my Magic decks very easily, picking out which one I want to play by the organizing drawer system, and there’s room on the top of the organizer for storing my too-big-to-fit Magic decks, as well as any other Magic gaming supplies. All in all, I’m very happy with it!

So, if you’re looking for a way to both organize and protect your Magic decks, an organizer like this might just be the solution. I certainly won’t be tripping over my old Magic briefcase anymore!

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  1. I play casual and have so many decks that I like to play I’m on the verge of getting a duffel bag to starting carrying all the boxes with my decks in. The bookbag I’ve been using is at it’s limit!

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