My Favorite Clix, part 3: LE Sue Storm

When my then-good friend (later boyfriend) showed me how to play HeroClix in September of 2007, he helped me build a team out of his collection to play my first game against him. I picked out the Limited Edition Sue Storm–I didn’t know much about her, but I already liked her 19 defense, which I could already see was rare among Clix figures of her point cost (49).

I already liked high defenses in the other games I played, so it didn’t take me long to gather some high-defense figures in Clix, and Sue was one of the first I got when I could. She was one of my first favorite Clix pieces because of that fantastic 19 defense, and she’s still quite playable today.

A Little Bit More about Sue

LE Sue Storm, #205 out of Fantastic Forces. Image Credit:

With Stealth, Barrier, and 19 defense first click, it’s a good bet Sue won’t be targeted or damaged easily, even with today’s higher attacks. And even if she does get hit, her defense drops slowly, point by point (until her last click when it drops two points). Pair this with her Flight ability, and she’s a solid taxi for grounded friendly characters, as well as a darn near immovable block if you need to keep enemy characters away from wounded friendlies.

Now, most people pooh-pooh the back half of her dial, and some don’t think much of her offensive abilities in general. But I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Her 9 attack and 2 damage up-front can be good in a pinch if you need her as a second- or third-string attacker, and Outwit or Perplex can always make her shot easier. Don’t underestimate that Incapacitate and Energy Shield/Deflection on her back-dial, either–I’ve had LE Sue Storm be the last to survive of my team on next-to-last click, and still be making fine shots at my opponent’s banged-up team.

LE Sue Storm’s Heyday: The Wildcard ATA Teams

I admit it: back in the days before they outlawed wildcards being able to copy Alternate Team Abilities (ATAs) completely, I ran a pretty nasty little Wildcard Fantastic Four team with LE Sue Storm as its centerpiece. With the Fan Four ATA worded as it was then, wildcards could copy Sue’s 19 defense without ever having to be close to her. Thus, I had a team full of Shrinking Violets, Timber Wolves, Iron Fists, and Spider-Girls, all with a quite maddening 19 defense. (It was much funnier if the wildcards all had Super Senses. Either you missed ’em because you didn’t hit a 19, or you missed ’em because I rolled Super Senses. Mwahaha. LOL)

These days, that kind of team is no longer valid; you now generally play a Wildcard Fan Four ATA team like a Defend team, surrounding Sue with your wildcards so they can borrow her defense while they attack. You also have to pay 5 points from your team build cost for using the ATA on a “Wildcards & Sue” team. Still useful and successful, though not as mobile as the old one. (The old one was rather broken, I’ll admit. This one’s more fun for player and opponent both.) I actually like this new build pretty well, because surrounding Sue with little Wildcards who are both protected by Sue and guarding her is FUNNY.

My Personal Recommendation

If you love Stealth pieces, and love pieces with high defenses, then this Sue should be in your collection. For 49 points, you won’t find another 19-defense Flight piece that has this kind of team support (like Barrier and Incapacitate) built in. She’s a great addition to any long-game Clix player’s arsenal.

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