Saving City of Heroes: If All Else Fails, Plan Z

If you’ve heard anything about the #SaveCoH movement at all, you’ve likely heard the term “Plan Z” noised about among resolute City of Heroes fans. What is this mysterious plan, and what does it entail?

According to forums on CoHTitan and CoHGuru, “Plan Z” would be a fan-supported MMO, which would cleave as closely to CoH as possible without being sued.

I admit, this isn’t exactly “saving” CoH, but it would save what we love most about the game itself, only porting it to a new game. It’s not ideal, and it’s something we #SaveCoH-ers hope will not be necessary…but it’s our last resort. Already, people are discussing on the CoHTitan forums about what the Plan Z game should and shouldn’t have, and what kinds of changes should be made (or need to be made, to avoid lawsuits). If enough details can be hammered out, this could be a workable solution, but more input and more information is definitely required, not to mention funding.

What Should CoH Players Do in the Meantime?

As we all stare anxiously at our calendars, likely fearing November 30th, there are a few things we each can do:

  • Get on the CoHTitan forums, and/or follow @thetitannetwork on Twitter to keep up with the #SaveCoH campaign and Plan Z
  • Add your ideas to the Plan Z pool, and/or offer any alternatives to Plan Z that you can think of, such as contacting other game companies, etc.
  • Save each of your characters with the Sentinel+ character file exporter. (More info about how to understand the Sentinel+ output in this forum post.) Potentially, Plan Z could import these character files later.
  • Keep making as much noise about #SaveCoH on your social networks–it’s still a viable campaign. No one’s given up yet!

In short: City of Heroes players have plans afoot that don’t involve completely migrating to another game entirely. We may yet be able to bring the spirit of our beloved Paragon City into a fan-supported, fan-designed game, perhaps with all our alts intact.

But this is our last resort; till we know for certain that no other path is open to us, #SaveCoH will continue to sally forth on social networks and blogs galore. If you want to save City of Heroes, you’re welcome to join us. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Saving City of Heroes: If All Else Fails, Plan Z”

  1. So are you ready to give up & accept that COX is dead now, or are we still pretending that Plan Z is a thing?

  2. We will never give up hope for the return of City of Heroes!!! If it doesn’t come back, we will have a substitute like Z or Phoenix Project.


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