How the Christian Life Can Sometimes Feel

Job 31:35
35 Oh, that I had someone to hear me! I sign now my defense–let the Almighty answer me; let my accuser put his indictment in writing.

Here, Job, who feels he has suffered unjust accusations either from his three human friends or even God Himself, cries out his desire for God to hear his claim of innocence, and free him from further suffering. He has lost everything he ever worked for, everything else he ever cherished, and now it seems he stands to lose his connection to God as well. He feels as punished as if God has set down intentional judgments on him for sins as yet unknown.

Living a Christian life does not mean a life free of troubles. In fact, sometimes it seems that the life of a Christian is especially beset by trials; Job’s case is an extreme example of this. Loss of livelihood and/or health, financial or emotional disasters, family and relationship strife, stress from work–all these and many other sources of sorrow can beleaguer us, and seem to be all the more painful to endure because we feel we have been faithful to God. Sometimes, in the most trying of circumstances, we can even begin to wonder what all the worship and devotion was for, if God is allowing such awful things to happen to us.

The important thing to remember when facing trials is that God is right there with you, in the thick of it, and He will never abandon you. Just as God never abandoned Job, and eventually restored his life to rights (see chapter 42 in the Book of Job), He will also do the same for us.

Why did God restore Job? Because he continued to pray to God and speak to God honestly, never doubting that God was there and never doubting that God would answer his need. As long as we keep trusting in God and praying, our trials too will pass and be replaced with joy, even if it’s long in coming.

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