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Either a “day off” from the usual topics, or a day to post about the blog itself–a wildcard day, if you will.

New Projects and Horizons

It’s the first Sunday of 2015–no better time to announce my news for this blog!

New Project

I have been working on a novel for the last five years, and I have less than 25% of the plot left to write. Thus, I want it to be ideally finished, edited, and published by the end of 2015. But in order to focus on my novel, I need to limit how many writing-related tasks I have otherwise.

Currently, Crooked Glasses has over 1,000 posts, so I’m comfortable in saying that it has enough content for now. I may putter around and fix up a few articles here and there as I have time, but there won’t be daily updates for a while.


New Horizons

Crooked Glasses WILL be receiving a much-needed visual facelift in the coming year, since I have finally learned Bootstrap and can make this site much more mobile- and search-friendly. I’ll also adjust some WordPress settings, add a page for all my article series (because there are quite a few!), and research ways to make my general archives MUCH easier to search. (HALLELUJAH, right??? LOL!)

Will I Ever Come Back to Daily Blogging?

Though I am not writing any more blog content for now, I hope to come back to this someday, either to simply revise and tidy up, or to add all-new content. For now, though, I’m focusing my efforts on my creative writing and my webdesign/web development, so that I can continue to improve in those areas.

Check Back for the New Site Look!

I’m excited about the new site look and setup, and I hope it will showcase my written works much better. Keep an eye on this space and see what I come up with next!

Focusing on Redo Posts for Now

For the next little while, I’ll be focusing primarily on redoing older posts instead of trying to come up with completely new content for Crooked Glasses.

Mainly, I want to bring all my posts up to par with my current writing/formatting style, but I also want to have more time to focus on my novel, which is about 70% complete and needs some TLC. I’m hoping that not having to generate completely new blog content every two weeks will give me the time I desperately need.

For now, redone posts will be featured every day as has been usual (1 per day except Sundays), but I might do a double-Redo week if I have enough brain energy. There are a LOT of “hidden gem” articles here at Crooked Glasses, and I’m doing my best to polish ’em up! 🙂

Announcement: New Posts Will Appear After March 16th

For the next couple of weeks (until at least the week of March 15th is completed), I will not be posting any new articles besides my weekly Friday around the Web posts, which have been done well in advance. Reason: I am currently involved in an awesome musical theater project which requires lots of practice time and rehearsals, so I want to do my best by it.

I’ve been saying for months that I was ready for a new creative challenge, and this project certainly is! It’s using my musical talents in ways I never expected. Yet it still pains me to have to pause activity here for even a short while, because I’ve kept this blog up and running consistently for the last three years, never missing a day. My OCD/perfectionist bug is going batty over this, but I know y’all will appreciate seeing quality articles rather than half-thought-out adrenaline-rushed posts spewed haphazardly all over this blog. 😛 And the amazing people I’m working with will appreciate my complete focus on the music!

Crooked Glasses will begin updating with all-new posts again soon! Till then, browse through my archive of posts for new-old favorite posts, and follow my Twitter, @cg_blog, for auto-tweeted older posts. (Have I ever said how much I love auto-tweet plugins? Because I really do. Especially when they work properly. :D) Bonus: when I return, I’ll have enough new experiences to fuel a whole slew of Saturday with the Spark posts! YAY!

CG Turns 3! Upcoming: 1st Redo Week!

Happy Birthday to Crooked Glasses, first of all! Back on Jan. 26th, 2011, I began posting here…can you believe it’s been 3 years already? Wow!

And you’re probably wondering what I mean by “Redo Week,” right? Well, going along with yesterday’s post about revising and revamping, I’m going to take on a new project here at Crooked Glasses: redoing some older posts!

The main reason I’m doing this is because I want all my content to be of equal quality, and some of my older posts are a little rawer and less polished than I like. Thus, I’ll be combing back through older articles, tightening up the writing, adding images, all sorts of things.

However, “Redo Week” will not be a one-time occurrence; for the foreseeable future, I’ll be doing one week of new posts and one week of redone posts. This will hopefully help reduce some of my anxiety about constantly crafting new content, while also doing much-needed improvements on already-published articles.

I hope you’ll stay with me and keep reading! This isn’t just retread content…this is me making my blog better and better. 🙂

Sticking with Posting at Noon for Now

I haven’t seen much change in how many people have been counted as “viewing” my posts since I made the change from 9AM to 12PM EST, but I will say the 12PM time slot is easier for me to manage. I didn’t stay up way late or get up way early to stress over finishing a post this last week, which was AWESOME! Thus, I’ll stick with noon posts till I hear different from y’all readers.

*crickets chirping* 😛

Experiment: Posts Will Appear at Noon This Week!

Through the magic of Facebook and website statistics, I’ve noticed that not too many people are seeing my posts when they appear at 9:00 AM EST. So I’m going to try an experiment: my posts for the upcoming week will appear at noon EST instead!

I hope that by posting at a later time in the day, more people will be free to read the posts immediately. But, as with all experiments, I’ll never know till I try! I only want to make it easier for folks to see my posts.

If you have an opinion about this temporary change, feel free to share it (nicely)! You can comment on this blog post, post on Crooked Glasses’ Facebook page, or Tweet to me via the Twitter page.

Taking the Crooked Glasses Off for 2 Weeks

I will not be posting full-length articles for the next two weeks, partly due to the hugely busy Christmas performance season I’m heading into, and partly because my brain seriously needs a vacation (LOL). I have been blogging 6 days a week nonstop since late January 2011, and so I need a couple of weeks to recharge my blogging batteries and come back stronger (and more rested) than ever.

However, there will still be short posts appearing throughout this break; I’ll basically be doing link posts, like I do on Fridays, for each day until the two-week break is finished. This way, it’s not just blank space for 12 days, but actual useful posts.

Other things I hope to accomplish over this blog-post break:

  • Finally finishing and uploading Crooked Glasses’ new, mobile-friendly theme
  • Reviewing and revising older articles
  • Improving the Archive page so that it’s easier to browse through

Make sure you keep up with Crooked Glasses via its Facebook page and its Twitter account. Both will be updated with revised older posts and other site announcements!

Upcoming: Picture Week!

To shake things up a little bit around here, I’m going to do a weeklong series of posts with just a few pictures, instead of my usual verbosity. Each day will showcase an image or series of images pertaining to that day’s topic (Monday’s picture will cover webdesign, Wednesday’s picture will reference Biblical/Christian imagery, etc.).

I’m looking forward to this unusual, Tumblr-ish take on blogging. This might be a bit difficult for me, since I love to write (and love to talk), but I’m willing to try it, to stretch my blogging wings a little!

Luxe Beauty Products from L’Occitane

I recently had the pleasure of testing a couple of beauty products from L’Occitane, a beauty, haircare and skin-care brand from France. Having heard the company’s name in positive reviews, but never having bought any of their products for myself, I had no experience with their product line until I received an offer to do a sponsored post/product review on my blog. I jumped at the chance to do an honest review for a couple of their products, and I’m very glad I did!

The Products I Tested

I tested the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap and the Mini Pure Shea Butter tin, both part of L’Occitane’s natural skin care line.

Review: Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap

Since I had oily, acne-prone skin as a teen and still have occasional acne even now in my late twenties, I wasn’t sure how the shea butter face soap would work out. Boy, was I (pleasantly) surprised! Not only did its lather smell good and feel rich and smooth on my face, but my skin felt moisturized even without putting any of my regular moisturizer on. (My skin has gotten drier and much more sensitive as I’ve gotten a little older, so the moisture was welcome, and surprisingly well-received by my usually finicky facial skin.)

Also, a few days before trying this soap, I had suffered an attack of eczema all across my cheeks, which are drier by nature anyhow. An hour after using the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap for the first time, I felt my cheeks and discovered that the rough patches of skin there felt less prominent than before. Though the soap alone did not completely take away the eczema, it seemed to make my medicated eczema cream absorb and work better–by the evening, the rough patches were GONE.

Review: Mini Pure Shea Butter Tin

For being as small a tin as this is (only .26 ounces!), a dab really will do ya. This pure shea butter is smooth and even on any skin you apply it to, and is in the cutest and handiest travel-size tin you could ever want for your purse or luggage.

I usually hate lotions and creams because of the motor-oil-slick feeling I get on my hands afterwards. But, after warming the tin of balm gently between the palms of my hands for a few minutes, as directed by the packaging, I applied some of the shea butter from the Mini Pure Shea Butter tin to my cuticles and a couple of rough calluses on my fingers. Within 30 minutes, I noticed a velvety difference. The balm felt soft and silky, did not leave a clingy, filmy feeling, and enhanced the natural shine of my nails. (And as of this writing, the calluses on my fingers are less noticeable!)

I’m also wearing a fairly thick coating of the shea butter on my lips as I write this post, and I cannot quit rubbing my lips together to feel how smooth they feel. I typically suffer from cracking, peeling, and bleeding lips on most occasions, and have tried many lip balms and creams; after just one full night and day of wearing this balm, reapplying as needed, I have seen the peeling slow down dramatically, and the cracks do not seem as red. (Not to mention that I used this same balm to tackle a stubborn callus on one of my littlest toes–it has many uses!)

The Bottom Line: Try L’Occitane

From what I can tell by testing these two products, the L’Occitane brand’s glowing reputation is well-deserved. Take it from someone who’s very picky about her beauty routine–this company makes quality products!