New Projects and Horizons

It’s the first Sunday of 2015–no better time to announce my news for this blog!

New Project

I have been working on a novel for the last five years, and I have less than 25% of the plot left to write. Thus, I want it to be ideally finished, edited, and published by the end of 2015. But in order to focus on my novel, I need to limit how many writing-related tasks I have otherwise.

Currently, Crooked Glasses has over 1,000 posts, so I’m comfortable in saying that it has enough content for now. I may putter around and fix up a few articles here and there as I have time, but there won’t be daily updates for a while.


New Horizons

Crooked Glasses WILL be receiving a much-needed visual facelift in the coming year, since I have finally learned Bootstrap and can make this site much more mobile- and search-friendly. I’ll also adjust some WordPress settings, add a page for all my article series (because there are quite a few!), and research ways to make my general archives MUCH easier to search. (HALLELUJAH, right??? LOL!)

Will I Ever Come Back to Daily Blogging?

Though I am not writing any more blog content for now, I hope to come back to this someday, either to simply revise and tidy up, or to add all-new content. For now, though, I’m focusing my efforts on my creative writing and my webdesign/web development, so that I can continue to improve in those areas.

Check Back for the New Site Look!

I’m excited about the new site look and setup, and I hope it will showcase my written works much better. Keep an eye on this space and see what I come up with next!

2 thoughts on “New Projects and Horizons”

  1. Bootstrap… that is something I really need to work on. Even though I’m new to all your sites I look forward to seeing the change, I like what you have now so I’m sure it will be awesome. 🙂

    Good luck on getting your novel done before the end of this year! How exciting! You have definite drive and I find that awesome.

    I use to be a really good blogger but for the last few years I have been lagging. I’m starting to get back into the groove but I doubt I could ever get back into every day blogging.

  2. Thank you! 😀 I have actually finished the first draft of my novel (finished it on June 11th), and am working on the second draft as we speak! Woot!

    I didn’t end up using a self-made Bootstrap layout for this blog, unfortunately–I just ended up using the Twenty Fifteen theme “out of the box” and called it a day, LOL. I wish I had felt like making my own WordPress theme again, but making the last one gave me so much anxiety and caused me so much trouble that I just didn’t want to fool with it 😛 I’m hopeful that someday I can actually learn how to put together a WordPress design from scratch, though! ^_^

    I know what you mean about everyday blogging–it eats up a LOT of time and takes a lot of dedication! What about weekly blogging? That might help you get back into the “swing” without being too time-sensitive.

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