What’s this blog about?

All my widely varied interests:

  • Web design and development (Mondays)
  • Commentary about modern life (Tuesdays)
  • Biblical passages and interpretation (Wednesdays)
  • Games and gaming tactics (Thursdays)
  • Products of my Internet surfing (Fridays)
  • My varied artistic pursuits (Saturdays)
  • Anything blog-related, or a wildcard life post (Sundays)

When did you start this blog?

January 2011.

Why did you call your blog “Crooked Glasses?”

Since I was in third grade and first got glasses, they’ve always sat just a teeny bit crooked on my face–my left ear is about an eighth of an inch higher on my head than my right ear. Or is it the other way around? At any rate, for most of my life, I’ve had to get used to my glasses sitting at a slightly jaunty angle. When I wanted to come up with a funny but fitting name for my blog, I went with Crooked Glasses because it conjures up an image of being just different enough. My perspective of the world is different from most people’s perspectives, so when they come to my blog, they are seeing the world through my “eyes”–through the slightly “crooked glasses” of each blog post.

Who’s writing all this?

I’m a young woman in my early thirties, with a wide array of interests reflected by this blog’s many topics. Writing and music are both second nature to me; gaming and webdesigning give me creative challenges; studying about all sorts of topics, including the Word of God, inspires me.

Why make a blog like this?

Mainly because I enjoy web design, I enjoy writing, and I wanted to learn how to use WordPress. I tried my hand several times at making a blog about my (utterly uninteresting) life, but finally settled on this multi-topic blog covering all my interests instead. It has worked out MUCH better this way.

How can I link to you/get added to your blogroll?

If you’d like to link to Crooked Glasses, I have a handy-dandy button below:

If you’d like to be part of my blogroll, just send me a message through the contact form! Most any kind of blog is perfectly acceptable–just no porn or hate sites, please.

How do I start a blog like yours?

Step 1

Find one or more subjects you’re passionate about, which you can write about week after week or day after day.

Step 2

Either install WordPress on your own website and run it that way, or get a blog over at WordPress.com, and they take care of all the backend coding for you.

Step 3

Keep yourself writing, every day. You don’t have to write a lot, and it doesn’t have to be the most polished, awesome world-halting thing in the world. Just write as yourself, and communicate.

How do you have time to write posts every day of the week?

WordPress has the happy functionality of being able to “schedule” posts–you can write a post now, but instead of having it post immediately, you can set it to appear at a specific time on a specific date. For my blog, I like for my posts to appear around noon EST/EDT each day, but I rarely have time each day to sit down and write each post. Thus, I can set aside a time to write during the week, then schedule each post so that one appears daily. Very neat and tidy, and I can go the rest of the week knowing my blogs will appear correctly and on time.