Announcement: New Posts Will Appear After March 16th

For the next couple of weeks (until at least the week of March 15th is completed), I will not be posting any new articles besides my weekly Friday around the Web posts, which have been done well in advance. Reason: I am currently involved in an awesome musical theater project which requires lots of practice time and rehearsals, so I want to do my best by it.

I’ve been saying for months that I was ready for a new creative challenge, and this project certainly is! It’s using my musical talents in ways I never expected. Yet it still pains me to have to pause activity here for even a short while, because I’ve kept this blog up and running consistently for the last three years, never missing a day. My OCD/perfectionist bug is going batty over this, but I know y’all will appreciate seeing quality articles rather than half-thought-out adrenaline-rushed posts spewed haphazardly all over this blog. 😛 And the amazing people I’m working with will appreciate my complete focus on the music!

Crooked Glasses will begin updating with all-new posts again soon! Till then, browse through my archive of posts for new-old favorite posts, and follow my Twitter, @cg_blog, for auto-tweeted older posts. (Have I ever said how much I love auto-tweet plugins? Because I really do. Especially when they work properly. :D) Bonus: when I return, I’ll have enough new experiences to fuel a whole slew of Saturday with the Spark posts! YAY!

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