My Favorite Clix, part 7: LE Ghost Widow

Following in the vein of kick-butt support pieces I like, here’s one that can do double-duty as an attacker and a Medic. She’s been a favorite of mine and a staple in my collection since I first saw her played in a tournament…the LE Ghost Widow.

Limited Edition Ghost Widow, #004 out of City of Villains. Image credit:

First off, her Flight and Phasing are an amazing pair of movement abilities for a piece with Support. Not only can she Phase away from enemy pieces, but her Flight makes her able to carry a wounded friendly character with her when she goes. Many is the time I’ve used Ghost Widow to carry a beaten-up close-combat piece away from the action for a few turns, to heal them up!

Second, those two clicks of Poison are more trouble than they seem. Phase her into the middle of a group of bad guys, and next turn they all take 1 Poison damage if they don’t have a defense modifier. 😀 LOTS of fun to Poison-bomb a group of Clix like this…well, if you’re the one playing Ghost Widow, at least. 😉

Third, if she doesn’t get smashed for 5 damage right off the bat, she’s very hard to kill. She has both Steal Energy AND Regeneration on fourth click, which is absolutely hilarious–either Steal Energy up to second click, or potentially Regen all the way back to top click. Choosing which to use all depends on what you need from her at that moment in the game; she’s versatile.

Fourth, her high 18 defense on first click and Super Senses on second and third click make her annoying to hit. And. if you do manage to damage her, you’ll be taking a Mystic damage, courtesy of Arachnos team ability. (Yep, she’s another Regenning Mystic like Vet Shade, except she’s got Support and Flight to go with it!)

Sure, her combat numbers aren’t the greatest, especially in these days of 10 attack, 17 defense, and 3 damage. But as a tertiary attacker (with a 6 range) and Phasing Medic, she’s wonderful. All of the above, and she’s only 54 points? That’s right!

My Personal Recommendations

If you want a Medic who can both fly your hurt people easily out of battle and take a few shots when she’s not healing, then you’ll want a Ghost Widow as part of your collection. She keeps herself and her team alive with Support, Regeneration, and Steal Energy, and she does a little damage here and there with her range, her Poison, and her Mystics team ability. Of all the different teams I’ve played her on, she’s usually been the last one standing, or the one who’s keeping my pieces in fighting shape while the other guy’s team is either KOed or limping around the board. All in all, she’s 54 points well-spent to support a team and do a little damage as well.

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