My Favorite Clix, part 6: Vet Shade

Generally, I tend to like Clix figures that are less subtle, more obvious to play; the “one-trick ponies” are staples of my collection, for instance. But there are a few in my collection which have become favorites for exactly the opposite reasons–they are subtle and more versatile. Vet Shade is one of them.

Veteran Shade, #063 out of Unleashed. Image credit:

This little guy is a 73-point surprise. At first glance, he’s basically Batman-esque with Mystics team, with the combo of Stealth, Smoke Cloud, Willpower, and 6 range. Most players underestimate him for this; what real
damage can a 6-range, 9-attack, 2-damage figure do in this day and time?

Once he’s hit for 2, however, the first of many surprises shows up–Shade loses the Stealth in favor of Phasing, and gains Outwit, while retaining Smoke Cloud and Willpower. This enables him to move around the board easily, setting up new lines of Outwit possibly every two out of three turns, and generally evading capture. Even though his attack and defense are rather low during these clicks, that doesn’t matter so much–like Experienced Destiny, his skill lies outside of combat entirely by this point on his dial.

If he takes 1 more damage, he lands on another surprising click: a Phasing/Telekinesis/Outwit combo. This is absolutely hilarious. Outwit the defense modifier of an enemy character and fling an object at them, or fling a friendly character closer to them…any way you slice it, Shade on this click facilitates battle and makes it easier for a team to conquer.

And then, we get to the final clicks, where the last crazy combo of powers awaits…Phasing, Telekinesis, Outwit and Regeneration. If you need him to, he can potentially Regen his way back to top dial, or you can keep him as a Phasing TK piece for another 3 clicks. (He’s almost more versatile back-dial than front-dial, and he’s definitely more of a pain back-dial. :D)

All of this, and he is a Regen-able Mystic, which is painful to his opponents in and of itself. He can Phase or Stealth around, hurting enemy characters who dare to damage him, and then he can just run off to Regen or be healed by a Medic. (This Shade was once the last remaining member of my team in a 2-hour game…and I came back and won it, thanks to his Regen and Mystic team ability.) He works great as a tentpole-team solvent, and even better as a swarm-team solvent. Sure, his dial numbers are not as great, but for a figure from Unleashed, he’s not bad.

My Personal Recommendation

If you want to add a little finesse, tactics, and versatility to your team, and you’ve got 73 points to spare, consider adding a Vet Shade. Don’t add him thinking he’s going to be a secondary attacker, or even an attacker at all–add him as a stealthy Smoke-Clouder or a mobile Outwitter/TKer, or use him to whittle down heavy hitters with his Mystics team. One thing’s for sure, Vet Shade will make it very tricky for your opponent to win!

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