Glassics: Wednesday in the Word

This is a complete topic review of all the posts in the Wednesday in the Word category. I see by this list I need to add a few more posts about what God does for us–because He does quite a bit for us every day. He certainly protects this fool several times a day!

The Nature of God

Don’t Forget, God’s in Control
No One is a Foreigner to God
God Is Omniscient, Yet Close By
God Is, Has Always Been, and Always Will Be
The Law Ain’t Changed None!

What God Does for Us

God Blesses Us in His Time
God Brings Us Victory
God’s Still Working With You!
We Complain, God Provides

Christian Living

Encourage and Empower Others in Faith
Don’t Fear to Talk About God
Help All, Not Just Some
Believe in God’s Power
Seek Out Ways to Revive Your Faith
Submission Is Not Docile Silence
Don’t Get Desperate, Trust God
Be Ready to Share Your Experience of God
Do Everything for God’s Glory
When and How Do We Cry to the Lord?
What Do We Offer God These Days?

Non-Christian Living

What Do We Worship in Place of God?
What Do We Allow to Drag Us Away from God?
Sometimes, We DO Have Other Gods

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