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Clothing Prices: The Fashion Goldilocks Zone (Infographic)


Admittedly, I’m not much of a fashion maven, but I’ve done enough shopping and worn enough clothes in my life…enough to create the above infographic based on my personal observation of fashion pricing. There are pros and cons to buying fashion of all price ranges, but I have personally found that you CAN achieve the best of both worlds by carefully choosing well-made, mid-priced clothing. They land right in the “Fashion Goldilocks Zone” (not too cheap, not too costly; not too trendy nor too basic, etc), described in the graphic above.

Sure, mid-priced clothes are not designer clothes, but they’re also not likely to fall to pieces when you wash them a few times, either (as I have unfortunately experienced). If you’re willing to look for slightly higher-quality clothing that is put together well, especially for clothes you’ll be washing and wearing a lot, you’ll actually SAVE money in the long run because you won’t have to replace your whole wardrobe every year. (You don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes to have the best quality, either, because I’ve also unfortunately found that sometimes the high-priced pieces wear out just as quick as the cheap stuff.)

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My Sense of Humor, Visualized (Infographic)

This chart is about as accurate as I could muster! I’ve been told many things about my sense of humor (i.e., that it doesn’t exist, or that I don’t laugh at things that are “clearly funny”), but as you’ll see, the “funny” side is just as filled out as the “non-funny” side! Check out the things that will make me wrinkle my brow with disgust, as well as the things that will have me making uncontrollable squeaky laughs of belly destruction. 😀


(And yes, I am well aware that the non-funny side includes very popular comedy styles/shows, but hey, everyone’s got an opinion :D)

The Webdesigner’s Design Decision Cycle

As webdesigners, we have to make our sites both informative and beautiful to view. This takes a careful balance of design ideas, which need to be constantly upgraded and improved as users’ needs change.

Thus, the reason I came up with the following graphic depicting the considerations that go into making good webdesign decisions. I call this a “cycle” because we webdesigners never completely stop reevaluating our own decisions–we’re always coming up with ways to do it better, whatever “it” is!