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Beauty Hack: Sprayable Conditioner

It never failed: every time I went to put conditioner on my hair in the shower, I’d inevitably end up with a glob of it refusing to wash out of my hair properly. It got to where I quit even using conditioner for a while, because I was tired of my straight, medium-fine hair looking flat and greasy even right after washing. No matter how little I used, it never seemed to wash out effectively, even if I just used it on the ends of my hair. It just wouldn’t “spread” right on my hair, somehow.

The A-HA! Moment

Before styling my hair one morning, I sprayed in a little leave-in conditioner (which had been my fallback product since the in-shower conditioner wasn’t working out so great). “Man, I wish the bottled conditioner was this easy to apply,” I found myself thinking. “Wish I could just spray it in and wash it out when I was ready.”

And then, it hit me: haven’t I seen spray bottles on sale, in beauty supply stores if nothing else? Couldn’t I just put my conditioner in a spray bottle like those?

The Hack in Progress

sprayconditioner I went out to my local Sally Beauty Supply and picked up three of these little spray bottles, meant for travel size products (available online as well as in-store). Then, I went home to try out my idea.

The first run-through of my idea didn’t go quite as well as I thought–the conditioner seemed too thick to be able to spray that well. Then, I realized that I had a little room in the top of the spray bottle; I added a little tap water, shook it up, and voila, I had a sprayable conditioner!

How It Works Now

I eventually used all three spray bottles for my various shampoo-matching conditioners, and I can say now that it’s made my conditioning time a lot simpler. Not only do I use less conditioner, leading to less greasy strands, but it spreads more evenly on the hair and washes out more effectively than it ever has before.

For general use, I spray a few sprays of conditioner into my hand, rub my hands together, and then run my hands through the midlengths and ends of my hair. I find that the spray bottle makes it easy to add just a little more conditioner to my hand without glopping out a whole bunch like my conditioner bottles usually did. (If you trust your aim, you can spray directly into your hair for even easier application!)

Spray Conditioner How-To

  • Buy or reuse a spray bottle (any size will do, depending on your need). Just make sure that the sprayer is not a “fine mist” one (the conditioner will only gunk it up). Also, if you’re reusing a spray bottle, make sure you wash out and rinse not only the bottle, but the sprayer head as well. You don’t want weird product residue and conditioner mixing together on your head!
  • Fill your bottle part of the way with conditioner. If you want a fairly thin, easily-spreadable conditioner, as I did, fill the bottle up 2/3 with conditioner. If you want a little thicker conditioner, fill it up 3/4 with conditioner instead. Don’t go more than 3/4 of the way full with conditioner, though–it won’t spray well if it’s too thick, as I discovered.
  • Add in water, leaving a little room at the top for the sprayer head to be put on.
  • Once the sprayer head is on and tightened, shake up the bottle really well.
  • Ta-da! You have sprayable conditioner, ready for your next shower!